Thursday 30 March

Thursday 30 March

In your relationship  with one another have the same mindset as Christ Jesus

Verse 5
Bible Reading

Dear Lord .  Forgive me when I act without thought or care for other people. Forgive me when I selfishly think only of fulfilling my own wants and desires. Help me to treat each person I meet as my neighbour; as one loved by you.

To Ponder

When it comes down to it being right with your relationship with God is not as complicated as we might think. What I was taught as a child is still a valid lesson for me now. WWJD?. What Would Jesus Do? Would Jesus use the self service aisle at the supermarket or would he make a conscious effort to connect with a server and ask them about their day. Would Jesus lean on his horn when someone in front sits too long at a green light or would he wait patiently? Would Jesus use a friend’s Netflix account because after all it really isn’t a crime when it is not hurting anyone? Maybe I was wrong and WWJD is not as simple as it seems! I advise you to consider prayerfully what changes you could make in your life to be more like Jesus