Manningham Uniting Church is made up of an amazing group of people. The offerings that people provide cover a wide range of skills and talents.

While we do have employed ministry and administration staff, the time and the passion offered by those in volunteer positions help create a space that is fulfilling and engaging for all.

Minister of the Word

Swee Ann Koh

Rev Swee Ann Koh was ordained as Uniting Church Minister of the Word on December 13th, 1991.  His ministry focus at Manningham Uniting Church is senior adults.  He is a Chinese from Singapore. He has been living in Melbourne since 1983. According to Swee Ann, “The first thing you must do is to forget that I am Chinese and second thing you must never forget that I am Chinese.” Swee Ann has a passion for social justice, inclusive diversity, building…
Missional Community Development Worker

Emma Hanna

Emma is the Missional Community Development Worker at Manningham Uniting Church (MUC). Her role is to encourage and resource contextual exploration and understanding of being a missional church, using an Asset Based Community Development Approach. This involves developing and fostering relationships and partnerships with the local community of Manningham and beyond, encouraging and equipping personal actions, creating new opportunities to enable MUC to live its vision. Emma is passionate about community and what happens when people find common ground in…
Aged Care Mission Coordinator

Megan Coote

Megan is a retired Aged Care Chaplain. She worked for six years at Bodalla Aged Care in Kew before it closed from old age, and that was followed by six years at Box Hill Uniting AgeWell. Megan still has connections there and there are two MUC members in residence. Her voluntary work at MUC is as a member of the portfolio and one of the leadership team for Emerging Church. She is also part of the Patchwork group. Megan is…
Operations Manager

Moses Lee

Moses Lee was born in Singapore, studied in Oregon, USA and migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 2010.  Married to Yen Ming, they have three children, Monica, Brendan and Ian.  Prior to serving at Manningham Uniting Church (MUC), he was in the publishing industry for almost 30 years. As the Operations Manager, his work can be summed up as the liaison person for the day-to-day running of the Church.  He serves in the Ministry and Administration HUB, the heartbeat of the…
The Hub Admin team

Ruth Hodges

Ruth is a retired pharmacist who since retiring gains an enormous amount of satisfaction in maintaining an active participation in church life and fulfilling a voluntary administration role with our church. The most time consuming part of her role is editing the MUC Monthly Magazine. Ruth and her husband Bob have three children and five grandchildren and their family benefitted from living both in New Zealand and three American States before returning to Australia in 1985. They have been involved…
The Hub Admin team

Jeanette Bernet

Jeanette has been associated with Manningham Uniting Church for over 40 years and enjoyed being part of our former Churches – starting at Doncaster East Uniting Church in George Street, Doncaster East. Jeanette and her husband Ray have been married for 46 years and have 3 sons and 4 grandsons and enjoy spending time with them all. They moved to Doncaster East in 1976 . After a period of time they moved to Lower Plenty for a short time but…
MUC Culture of Safety Contact Person

Lynda Anderson

Family is very important to Lynda, she is married and have 2 adult children and 2 grandchildren. Her working life was as an Occupational Therapist predominantly with special needs children. Lynda is currently involved with Family@10 service, MUC Pilgrim Patchworkers, Friday Play Group and she have been involved with children’s ministry for over 30 years in a wide variety of capacities. Her interests include reading, quilting, gardening and grandchildren. The Culture of Safety Person’s role involves 2 aspects:- Being the…