Manningham Uniting Church is made up of an amazing group of people. The offerings that people provide cover a wide range of skills and talents.

While we do have employed ministry and administration staff, the time and the passion offered by those in volunteer positions help create a space that is fulfilling and engaging for all.


Rev Sally Apokis

Sally brings to Manningham UC her life’s passion working with local communities, schools and churches across Melbourne and the UK as a children, youth and family minister, teacher and chaplain. As an ordained deacon taking a vow to minister for peace, justice and reconciliation these goals provide grounding and the guiding light for her work with the Manningham community. Sally is a ‘people person’ who loves nothing more than hearing and enjoying the stories of our lives, families, pets, sport,…

Rev Dr Con Apokis

Reverend Dr Con Apokis is an ordained minister since 1988. He has contributed in chaplaincy, theological education and leadership training.  His background is Greek and his journey as a Christian was grounded  in the Greek Orthodox Church.  The focus on God as Trinity, God as community, highlights the importance of community for all of us. God in Jesus points to the divine priority for those who doing it tough.  To misquote Jesus, if you don’t start with those doing it tough you never…
Rental and Facility Coordinator

Sam Keller

Born and raised in the leafy outer eastern suburbs, Sam has called Melbourne home for the past 34 years. Together with her husband, they are raising two young children. She enjoys reading over a strong coffee, traveling with her family in their caravan and keeping active. Having spent the past 10 years working within the Real Estate Industry, Sam knows the importance of building strong interpersonal relationships. She prides herself on her strong communication skills and her ability to problem…
Redgum Cafe Manager

Lisa Chen

Lisa graduated with a business bachelor’s degree from RMIT. She has extensive work experience in the hospitality industry. Especially experience on catering for functions and events in the multiple corporate sites in the past year. Lisa is passionate about her work, Because she love’s what she does. Lisa’s a people person and loves to meet new people and learn about their lives and their background. Also, Lisa is a barista. Her purpose is to make her customers’ day that little…
Playgroup Coordinator

Alison Smith

Alison’s first experience of playgroup was with her son many years ago at this very church. When she moved to Brisbane in 2015  she was encouraged to become the coordinator of the Chapel Hill Uniting Church playgroup which she did for 3 years. Alison believes that playgroup is an important outreach for this church to continue to be involved with. She’s passionate about creating a community of support to parents and caregivers.   Alison want’s to create a space where the bond between…
Operations Manager

Moses Lee

Moses Lee was born in Singapore, studied in Oregon, USA and migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 2010.  Married to Yen Ming, they have three children, Monica, Brendan and Ian.  Prior to serving at Manningham Uniting Church (MUC), he was in the publishing industry for almost 30 years. As the Operations Manager, his work can be summed up as the liaison person for the day-to-day running of the Church.  He serves in the Ministry and Administration HUB, the heartbeat of the…
The Hub Admin team

Ruth Hodges

Ruth is a retired pharmacist who since retiring gains an enormous amount of satisfaction in maintaining an active participation in church life and fulfilling a voluntary administration role with our church. The most time consuming part of her role is editing the MUC Monthly Magazine. Ruth and her husband Bob have three children and five grandchildren and their family benefitted from living both in New Zealand and three American States before returning to Australia in 1985. They have been involved…
The Hub Admin team

Jeanette Bernet

Jeanette has been associated with Manningham Uniting Church for over 40 years and enjoyed being part of our former Churches – starting at Doncaster East Uniting Church in George Street, Doncaster East. Jeanette and her husband Ray have been married for 50 years and have 3 sons and 4 grandsons and enjoy spending time with them all. They moved to Doncaster East in 1976 . After a period of time they moved to Lower Plenty for a short time but…
MUC Culture of Safety Contact Person

Manningham UC Culture of Safety Team

A team of passionate Manningham Uniting Church people are committed to keeping people safe. The Culture of Safety team are there to: Be the Contact Person in time of need, and providing support for anyone affected when a safety concern is raised. Keep the Church Council aware of and adherence to the Synod’s Keeping Children Safe Policy. If you have a safety concern as part of your involvement with any of our programs, please contact the team or by…