Regular Services:

  • Family@10 – 10am at 109 Wood St, Templestowe
  • Fellowship@10 – 10am at 109 Wood St, Templestowe
  • Kids church – 10am at 109 Wood St, Templestowe (integrated within Family@10 service)
  • Together@10 – 10am every 5th Sunday of the month at 109 Wood St, Templestowe
  • Emerging Church – 5pm every third Sunday of each month followed by a shared meal.
  • Cafe Church – 10 am first Saturday of the month at 109 Wood St, Templestowe

For those unable to join at this time, the reflection will be available here the following day, in additional to the written reflection:

Feb 4, 2023

Café Church (Worship)

We worship together with a discussion on all aspects of daily living and current issues (not necessarily religious ones). Occasionally the topics are challenging which promotes lively and thoughtful conversation. Hospitality is about seeing Jesus in ordinary people. Others in the group are all encouraged to lead the discussion if they wish. All are welcome any time to drop in. What is Café Church – find out more here Contact Sharon on 03 9846 2012;
Feb 5, 2023

Family@10 (Worship)

Family@10 is a modern worship service which is informal and relaxed, singing contemporary songs accompanied by a band. Worship teams led by a minister plan and lead the worship. Sometimes there are discussions. This service takes place in The Auditorium. There are a number of families attending and there is a program for children, Kids Church, which runs alongside the worship.  This service also takes place each Sunday at 10.00am. Holy Communion is held monthly generally on the fourth Sunday…