Advent Conspiracy Daily Reflections

Advent Conspiracy Daily Reflections


This little resource is intended for all ages, for use in family groups, alone, with a partner or with friends. It invites you to stop, say, at meal times, when you get up, when enjoying nature with a cuppa, or perhaps before bed.

This year Manningham Uniting Church (MUC) is focussing on the Advent Conspiracy themes that bring us back to the recognition and celebration of Christmas being first about the birth of Jesus. We are encouraged to worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all (see

The resource offers a short prayer for each day and invites you to think about a simple reflection based on one of the readings for the day. Please enjoy.

Sunday 25 December

This Christmas and beyond, Lord, please open our eyes, ears, mouths, and hearts to celebrate the coming of Jesus and the sharing of God’s love and grace in the world May we, individually and collectively, choose to share that love in some way, large, small, silently, nurturing, feeding, listening, praying, advocating, visiting, planting seeds with the people we know, those we meet and with those strangers who will become friends Amen

Saturday 24 December

May we see the coming of Jesus, and his life and example, as the generous receiving of God’s love and grace that it is Help us to share this gift and example generously and purposefully with others Thank you for walking this path with us and giving us ears to listen and eyes to see…..may we use them respectfully and well

Friday 23 December

Lord, open our hearts and ears to Mary’s Song May we humble ourselves as we individually and collectively love and serve others this Advent and ongoing

Thursday 22 December

May we be led to put ourselves to one side, to embrace and welcome the diversity with which we are surrounded, and to generously and equally listen and share Jesus’ teachings and God’s love on a daily basis, whether by our actions, our care, or our words

Wednesday 21 December

Lord, may we accept with gratitude that you work in mysterious ways Help us to follow you willingly and find your ways in ourselves and others as we are open and intentional in ‘loving all’ this Advent season

Tuesday 20 December

Father God, we are reminded again of God’s love for us through the Old and New Testament stories. At times it all gets too hard Open our hearts and minds to see God’s love through new eyes as we celebrate the birth of a small child born in a manger

Monday 19 December

Father God, we are reminded not all people can embrace Christmas as a time to celebrate Help us to be sensitive, to listen, and in those quiet moments to show others something of God’s love

Sunday 18 December

Father God, each day we turn on the news we are reminded of climate change, the war in Ukraine, inflation, and interest rates Encourage us to reach out, to sit with, to share our hope for all people everywhere, in the form of one called Jesus

Saturday 17 December

Lord, help us to step beyond ourselves May we open our eyes, ears and hearts to the needs of others and be genuinely surprised and happy as we interact together in new and different ways, sharing your love and guidance

Friday 16 December

Jesus, thank you for your redemption, grace and caring, for making us equal in your eyes Help us to give of ourselves and to offer that same equality, compassion, kindness, and grace to those we love and to those who begin as strangers

Thursday 15 December

Lord, open our hearts Give us the vision and determination to live, to give, and to share your love clearly and with purpose, welcoming and valuing our diversities

Wednesday 14 December

Lord, help us to dig deep May we be grateful our many blessings this Christmas and beyond May we seek many new ‘giving’ opportunities to share personally with others

Tuesday 13 December

Father God, we often talk about your grace. It flows easily off the tongue. They become words to be read on a piece of paper Help us to recognise your gift of Love to us, to be shared with others as difficult as that is

Monday 12 December

Father God, as we gather with family, may we be more aware of those who have no close family Encourage us to reach out to the lonely. A phone call, a coffee, an invitation to share with another, to be a voice for the lonely

Sunday 11 December

Father God, sit with us as we reflect on times and places in the past. Let us remember with fondness those moments of joy and those with sadness Encourage us to share with others the joy of Mary’s Song in the form of one called Jesus

Saturday 10 December

Lord, please guide us this Christmas and beyond to be faithful in offering your gifts of upholding, healing, compassion, time and loving to those we know and those we are yet to know

Friday 9 December

Thank you for the example of Ruth in following her heart with integrity and returning with Naomi to know God May our journeys with God and our examples to others reflect that same dedication as we navigate the ups and downs of life

Thursday 8 December

God’s love is a gift, a gift we are called on to experience and share May this be our gift to others this Christmas

Wednesday 7 December

Open our hearts and guard our words this Advent season May our words and actions be free and generous gifts that reveal God’s love and care for every person

Tuesday 6 December

Thank you for your mercy and your willingness to uphold us when we falter, when we rely just on ourselves May we take the time to stop, trust, give thanks, be humble to your will, and to do our best
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