Advent Conspiracy Daily Reflections

Advent Conspiracy Daily Reflections


This little resource is intended for all ages, for use in family groups, alone, with a partner or with friends. It invites you to stop, say, at meal times, when you get up, when enjoying nature with a cuppa, or perhaps before bed.

This year Manningham Uniting Church (MUC) is focussing on the Advent Conspiracy themes that bring us back to the recognition and celebration of Christmas being first about the birth of Jesus. We are encouraged to worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all (see

The resource offers a short prayer for each day and invites you to think about a simple reflection based on one of the readings for the day. Please enjoy.

Saturday 3 December

God, we are ready We anticipate the advent of your love and example coming to us through Jesus this 2022 Christmas May we stop, worship, feel your presence, and share that love and that presence with others

Friday 2 December

Lord thank you for loving us Thank you for being gracious about our mistakes May we learn to keep your messages, guidance, and the examples of Jesus before us, guiding our actions every day

Thursday 1 December

God, thank you for the example and expectations we find in the life of Jesus Help us daily to try to walk in his ways and to find your love and his example in unexpected places May justice and mercy be our daily goal

Tuesday 29 November

Lord we are blessed by your mercy Help us to remember your promise and your covenant May we offer rainbow connections and caring to others

Sunday 27 November

God, we are ready Open our hearts to anticipate your coming and your return May we slow down this Christmas period and wait on you


We will start with a thoughtful reflection on the Advent Conspiracy theme from our Church Council Chair, Chris. Thank you Chris. Advent focuses on our preparation for celebrating the birth of Jesus, the gift of God to humankind. The gift has a deep and often life-long personal impact on those who receive and accept it, and who strive to live by the example of Jesus. In our everyday world, the concept of gifts at Christmas is also prominent but with…