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As we are working under COVID-19 restrictions, we are worshipping online until further notice.
This is so that we can keep everyone safe and, as much as we can, slow down the spread of the COVID19 in the community.

Worship Online

Sophia – 7 July 2020

This month’s topic is Living in a World of War: The Intersection of Popular and Christian Ethics. Led by Greg Rublee, M.S. Defense and Strategic Studies and former U.S. Intelligence Officer

Sharing Your Space

What I Can See from My Window – Sharon

This was an extremely interesting topic, one I thought I could not achieve, so here goes my view from my window. Due to the current Covid time wherein we were asked to stay at home, to get our children or a friend to buy our groceries, to stay safe and stay well, looking out my window was done with more concentration than before. This especially applied to my age group and especially to me as I also have an autoimmune…

Viral Worship Team

This unedifying name has kind of stuck since the first meeting of the group back in late March when it became obvious that we were not going to be able to meet together for worship in the usual way for some indeterminate time. Being forced to imagine other ways of doing things has forced us to re-think our priorities in all aspects of life but particularly in the way we worship. Claire has contributed an article in this month’s online…

What I Can See from My Window – Rosemary

When we moved into our new home, I could see a tree with glossy green leaves from the large windows that overlooked our courtyard garden. As it was wintertime, we had no idea what the tree was.   However, when summer came, and large cone-shaped buds formed on the tree we learnt that it was a ‘Little Gem’ Magnolia.  I was amazed when the first bud opened revealing a large white flower of breathtaking beauty.   But I soon realised the…

Minister’s Message

Our bearded dragon, Thor, has gone into brumation. This is hibernation for reptiles basically. She goes to sleep in her tank when it starts to get cold and stays asleep until it warms up again. It doesn’t matter if we keep the heat lamp on or if the central heating is going, she still goes to sleep as the summer ends and wakes up as spring arrives. She just seems to know. Thor is now 7½ years old and she…

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