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3 July 2022

Introduction Thursday morning, 30th of June 2022. 4.35 am at my desk seeking to write my reflection for today. I woke up around 2.30 am lying in the bed re-reading Chapter 3, of ‘A Meal with Jesus’ – Meals as Enacted Hope. After re-reading the chapter I got up and went to the kitchen. Washed the pots and wok, plates and bowls, and started making soup for Thursday’s study group. As I washed, I was reflecting on the chapter I…

25 June 2022

In Dostoyevsky’s great novel, ‘The Brother’s Karamazov’, there is a holy man named Father Zosima. He is a renowned Elder of the local monastery, and such is this man’s spiritual wisdom, that pilgrims will travel from great distances to ask his advice and seek his counsel. One such pilgrim who appears early in the novel is a wealthy woman who says that she is suffering a great crisis of faith and is at a loss for how to overcome it.…

19 June 2022

This morning we begin a six-week study, based on the book ‘A Meal with Jesus:Discovering Grace, Community, and Mission around the Table’, by Tim Chester.

12 June 2022

God, may my words be loving and true; and may those who listen discern what is not. Amen. Today is Trinity Sunday. The Trinity is one of the central doctrines, or teachings, of the Christian tradition. Often poorly understood, it seems as though we are told there are two essential things to know about the Trinity: First, you must believe it. Second, you cannot even pretend to understand it. This second point often gives rise to the suspicion that the…

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Sankofa: 29 June 2022

Thank you for the positive feedback for my first Wednesday musing. Some of you like the word, Sankofa. Last Saturday and Sunday there were two significant events in the life of MUC: Community Mural Opening (26 June) and the Final Service in the Woodhouse Grove building (27 June). I know that Emma, my colleague provided inspirational leadership (with contributions from her team) for the Mural Opening event. By the time you read this second musing, some of you might have…

Mural Opening Speech

How exciting it is to be here, in celebration of this wonderful and powerful community public artwork. I wish to acknowledge and thank the funders of this project, the Uniting Church Asset Strategy Program, the Manningham City Council Community Grants Program and the Kirk Robson Theology and Arts Memorial Fund. I especially thank Peter and Natalie Robson for being here today it is an honour to host you and we hope we have honoured Kirk’s memory through this project. There…

Final Worship in the Hall at Woodhouse Grove

Around 60 people including friends and family and ex- members of The Grove and members of wider MUC gathered on 26 June to celebrate the 166 years of worship at The Grove and to mark the closure of worship at this site. The service was led by Rev Swee Ann Koh with an inspiring reflection given by Rev Fred Webber.