Wednesday 29 March

Wednesday 29 March

The Lord God has given me a trained tongue, that I may know how to sustain the weary with a word.

Verse 4
Bible Reading

Dear Lord. Help me to be a disciple for you. Help me live a life that shows others what it is to experience your grace. Help me not to be afraid to share your good news to those around me.

To Ponder

Words can be a powerful tool for good and for evil. Australians have coined the term “tall poppy syndrome” which is where we hold others back, criticize or sabotage those who we perceive as having achieved success. I think it comes from feelings of insecurity or inadequacy. Regardless it is something that we need to guard ourselves from participating in.  Instead we need to be authentic and exuberant with our thanks, our praise and our encouragement to our colleagues, friends, family and strangers.