What to expect

What to expect

Ultimately what you will experience when you connect into Manningham Uniting Church is a community that is full of great people who are friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere is casual while honouring the traditions of the Uniting Church and encourages participation by all.

It is a fun and safe environment for you and your family. The community prides itself on taking the safety of the community seriously and implements this philosophy throughout its activities.

The spiritual teachings are in line with the Uniting Church Ethos and are applicable in everyday life –we are not just a Sunday congregation. The community is here to walk alongside you as together we question, wonder and grow.

Worship Services:

  • Family@10
  • Fellowship@10
  • Kids Church
  • Emerging Church
  • Café Church

What time do the services start?

  • Family@10 – 10am at 109 Wood St, Templestowe
  • Fellowship@10 – 10am at 109 Wood St, Templestowe
  • Kids church – 10am at 109 Wood St, Templestowe (integrated within Family@10 service)

All above services conclude with tea and coffee and a catch up.

  • Emerging Church – 5pm every 3rd Sunday of the month at 109 Wood St, Templestowe
  • Café Church – 10am every 1st Saturday of the month in the redgum cafe

Can I bring my kids?

Yes! Manningham Uniting Church offers Kids Church every Sunday, during school terms, which is integrated with Family@10. It is organised by a fantastic group of trained leaders – who offer the program for children to learn and discover what being a Christian is like on an everyday basis. This is offered for kinder and primary school age kids through games, activities, craft and singing. All leaders are aware of the responsibilities of child safety and all have working with children checks.

Babies and toddlers are encouraged to stay with their parents during worship at Family@10. There are toys and books and a quiet crèche area however they are free to roam around during the service and engage as they desire.

If you little one is too little for KidsChurch (under 4), Family@10 has a space for you to sit with your child while still being able to attend church.

What are the services like?

  • Family@10 – vibrant, contemporary, casual service for people of all ages planned and led by worship teams/congregation and a member of the Ministry team assisted by lay worship teams/congregation
  • Fellowship@10 – relaxed traditional style worship service led by one of our ministers and assisted by lay worship teams
  • Kids Church – a space for kinder and primary school age kids to discover Christ’s teaching through activities, games, craft and singing
  • Emerging Church – followed by a shared meal, an opportunity to enter a sacred space and engage with the spiritual dimension of life, inspired by Jesus the teacher and the God he loved
  • Café church – beginning with an Agape Meal, includes fellowship and discussion

How does the music sound?  What kind of music do you play?

  • Family@10 – mostly Contemporary Songs led by a band – piano/keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, vocals
  • Fellowship@10 – mostly traditional songs from Together in Song led by an organist and pianist
  • Kids Church – fun and engaging kids songs
  • Emerging Church – songs led by an organist, along with recorded music
  • Café church – not applicable

What should I wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in!
Some people wear jeans, some wear dress pants, some wear skirts/dresses and heels.
There is no required uniform or expectation, just neat attire that you are comfortable in is a good starting point.

Is there someone that can help get me get situated when I come to a service?

Yes, for sure. All services strive for an environment that is welcoming and hospitable, but if you would like to have someone to welcome you and show you the ropes, please let us know when you are coming (here) and we will arrange someone to meet you at your chosen service. Otherwise look out for a welcomer at the door and introduce yourself.

Manningham Uniting Church Activities:

Are all activities listed in the calendar open to all?

Yes, they are. If you find something of interest on the calendar and would like to attend, feel free to do so.

Do I need to let anyone know I’m coming?

It would be a great idea to let The Hub know you are coming along (here). We endeavour to keep the calendar up to date however some activities rotate, or change venues, and in some circumstances are not occurring that particular date. So giving us a quick ring, email or drop in will let us know you are coming to ensure you have the up to date information.

other questions:

Feel free to give The Hub a call, or an email, or drop in if there are other questions you need answered (here)