You & your family

You & your family

Each person’s life journey is unique. Some stories share common themes and experiences, but the way we respond to them can be wide and varied.

Within Manningham Uniting Church, one of the key aims is to walk alongside you, as you navigate your spiritual journey as it is reflected through your everyday experiences.

As our experiences as we journey through life are wide and varied, the support offered by Manningham Uniting Church community is diverse also.

Spiritual Care

  • Pastorally and spiritually caring for you
  • Baptism, Confirmation classes
  • Discussion and spirituality groups and small groups
  • Theological conversation that allows space to explore and wonder
  • Listening ear and prayer support
  • Inviting and spiritually nourishing message during worship services

Pantry and Crisis Support

  • We provide practical support for those struggling day to day with food/groceries through LinC Manningham. LinC  Manningham is supported by a number of churches in the local area.

Nursing homes visitation

  • For those living in sheltered accommodation and nursing homes, we offer a ministry. This includes services in nursing homes, transport to worship services, luncheons, and social gatherings.

Young Families

  • For new parents to the area, playgroups are offered through Manningham Uniting Church on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday’s.
  • Babies playgroup are arranged groups of 8 parents and children
  • There is also a Sunday morning primary school aged children’s program (Kids church) at the Templestowe location during worship.
  • Again for teenagers, Catch Your Breath is a friendship group for neurodiverse young people and an expression of hospitality offered by Manningham Uniting Church. Held fortnightly on Friday evenings.


  • We also work in conjunction with the wellbeing team at Doncaster Secondary High School supporting their peer leaders and social justice teams.

New to Australia

  • For those new to the Australia, we offer free opportunities to practise your English speaking skills. Offering one on one opportunities or group conversation. This also allows for two way relationships to be built, encouraging learning about other cultures and experiences while migrants learn skills that will support an easier transition into the community.

And if your journey doesn’t fit into any of these headings, Manningham Uniting Church offers a…

  • Community to find and discover your connection
  • Supportive environment to ask your questions, wonder and discover
  • Space where you can belong, chill and relax

Manningham Uniting Church, its leaders and community are committed to walking with you on your journey, if this is what you seek. 

Contact The Hub office to connect in, or you are welcome to attend where you feel inspired to.