Family@10 Beach Mission Service

Family@10 Beach Mission Service

Last Sunday Jess, Tom, Zander, Tabitha, Zara, Jared, Sam, Emily and Janelle from the Lorne SU family mission team came to MUC to lead the service.

Together they shared the joy of mission with MUC through songs, stories and their energy.

Tom gave the message from Matthew, using the illustration of practicing basketball layups and his volunteer work playing basketball with prisoners, that we need to do repeats and practice as Christians sharing our faith, that mission is important as we follow Jesus and why mission be done without wanting to receive praise.

Jared and Zara shared their own testimonies of their experiences on mission.

There was also a surprise pop in from Grub (the puppet), a Lorne SUFM friend!
The service was vibrant, inspiring, hopeful and energetic! The team had such an amazing time putting the service together for MUC.

It was so great to see so many people show up to experience the joy of beach mission themselves and the team are very thankful for the support of MUC.

Jessica and Sally

Leading into the weekend all in our house were walking on eggshells. “Don’t. Do you know how much work I have to do?” was an oh so common response. “Hey, do you think we could stream it live? Who do I have to talk to?” “Does Church still have the puppet stage?” “Hey, Bunnings has boxes doesn’t it. Could you please drive me there so I can get some boxes? I’m not going in by myself!” Soooo many questions!

For the first Sunday I can remember, Jessica bounced out of bed and left the house on time, nearly. But I’m still counting it. Grant and Jessica were going to Church early to rehearse the music and do some final preparations.

By the time I arrived, everything looked in place. There was a real energy coming from the auditorium.

After a few technical hitches, the service started with a bang. The band started playing a very upbeat song with lots of energy. As the service progressed, we were introduced to the Mission team, including their special friend, Grub.

It was really inspiring to hear these young people talk about their time at the beach mission in Lorne. They emphasized that through this mission, not only did they introduce Jesus to people, but they were enabled to grow their own faith through sharing with those on the Mission with them, as well as the people who came to the mission events.

The whole congregation, including the young children, were captivated by the enthusiasm this group brought to our Church.

All the stress of the past few days was washed away with the buzz of the success of this service.

They all had a wonderful experience at Lorne and it was our privilege to hear these young people share their stories with us, full of energy, full of fun, full of love and full of God. They were, and will continue to be, great examples of what our future holds.

Even Jacinta would like to have them come back and give us another service. High praise.

Tanya (Mum of Jess!)