Easter Services – recap

Easter Services – recap

Maundy Thursday

Sally led a Taize style service in the Chapel attended by about 30 people. The service was a lovely quiet meditative service of readings and reflection as a lead in to Easter. Sally led the á capella singing of Taize chants with the congregation enthusiastically joining in.

Directions for Using a Towel

To be used for:
Drying dishes.
Wiping eyes.
Mopping spilled milk.
Coping with sighs.
Cleaning stains.
Creating scandal.
Holding on when it’s too hot to handle.

Washing feet.
Softening jars.
Binding wounds in a world of scars.

Better than Bounty, thin as skin.
Don’t give it up, or throw it in;
It simply grows more holy over time.

For when the One
that death could not defeat arrives,
the towel will be our sign.
All grave and dusty sins are washed away.
God takes us by the hand and helps us rise.

Ann Weems ©2002 The Holy Stuff of Life, all rights reserved

Good Friday

The Good Friday Service was celebrated as a funeral for Jesus of Nazareth. There were approximately fifty people at this funeral.

The chapel was decorated in black and Swee Ann, welcomed us to the funeral service of Jesus.

There were readings from both the Old Testament and the New Testament which told the story well.

Swee Ann presented the Eulogy on the life of Jesus of Nazareth pointing out the highlights and achievements of Jesus during his short lifetime. Then followed a Collage of pictures depicting Jesus’ life story.

Peter (Con) gave a Tribute depicting his thoughts of being one of Jesus’ disciples and friends.

He was now going to live his life the way Jesus would want him to live. It was good to hear things about Jesus from his point of view.

Then Mary Magdalene (Sally) who was a loyal and faithful friend of Jesus, gave a very moving and passionate narrative of her time spent with Jesus in his last years.

All these Tributes were interspersed by the verses of ‘Were you there when they crucified My Lord.’ This hymn always brings one down to basics.

A very moving, poignant, and emotional yet uplifting Funeral. The congregation was so overcome we all moved out in silence.

Easter Sunday

It was great to see the church full for Easter Sunday with people from Fellowship@10 and Family@10 joining with family, friends and welcome strangers. Bright singing and a reflection from Swee Ann on the theme of ‘terror and amazement seized them…’ The service concluded by playing a recording of a modern rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus by the Australian Girl’s Choir. At least some of the younger members were seen ‘bopping along’ to the music.