Wednesday 1 March 2023

Wednesday 1 March 2023

So Pharoah called Abram and said, “What is this you have done to me. Why did you not tell me she was your wife?”

Genesis 12:18
Bible Reading

Father God, we become anxious for our safety. We don’t like disruptions, or unexpected phone calls. Give us the courage to step out and act on the promises of God. Amen.

To Ponder

Because of a severe famine, Abram is forced to travel to Egypt. He becomes concerned for his own safety, anxious that the Pharaoh will seize Sarai, his beautiful wife and murder him. Abram does a deal with his wife to protect his life. She will be his sister, not his wife. In a similar way, we can believe in Gods promises, but become too worried about our safety. What does this story say about the nature of God?