Tuesday 6 December

Tuesday 6 December

Spend Less

Spend less is an ambiguous goal. Spend less than what / who? The truth is there is no formula. The challenge of this tenet is to be willing to ask more questions, take time and then be open to hearing what God says in return. It requires us to plan

We can strive to thoughtfully evaluate what we support with our spending, and we allow our spending to support products, people, and causes worthy of being supported. Spending less on creative, intentional gifts can really show our love for others, and God’s love for all. More than just an invitation to say no to overspending, this is an invitation to a new way of celebrating

From our Ministry Team

  • Last week we conspired to worship fully, to keep the focus of Christmas on Jesus
  • This week we want to spend less on ourselves and use the money we save to help others
  • This is not a new idea. Choosing to go without something, such as food, has always been a spiritual practice of the church. It is called fasting
  • We often associate fasting more with Lent, the season before Easter, but it is just as relevant now in Advent

Activity: Tonight, when you eat dinner, try to calculate how much the meal costs

Bible Readings

Thank you for your mercy and your willingness to uphold us when we falter, when we rely just on ourselves
May we take the time to stop, trust, give thanks, be humble to your will, and to do our best


At first reading Psalm 21 appears to be David being grateful to God for being able to defeat his enemies. But reading closely shows a king, a leader, who is humble and follows and honours God. He celebrates a God that loves and upholds him, rather than celebrating any strength of his own. May we all be led to stop, wait, listen for the directions and support God gives us in a wide variety of ways. May we listen, hear, and pay attention to that small voice, often uttered from unexpected sources, including our wise little ones. May we know we are stronger when we work together in a unified way, serving God’s purposes as a loving, if diverse, community

Some activities to help us Worship Fully (from the website)
  • Make a Christmas budget and then stick to it. Don’t compare yourself to others, pray and do what is best for your family
  • Research companies that are Fair Trade
  • Pray for the people on your Christmas list before purchasing anything. Make spending a conscious decision that engages your heart
  • It’s not just about the presents. Notice how much you’re spending on other Christmas activities (going out to eat, new outfits, wrapping paper, decorations, etc.). Find one area where you can cut back this year
  • Write down five things you’re thankful for. Take inventory of how blessed you already are
  • Set a spending limit as a family. Let everyone have the same amount to spend on each other. You’ll be surprised at how creative your kids will get!
  • Donate old and unused clothes, toys, and books to a local organization. Notice how much stuff you actually don’t use or need

…And wisdom from the Tear Fund, on Facebook 26.11.22
Make Time, not food
Bring Joy, not a plate
Be Present, not buy a present
Wrap someone in a hug, not wrap gifts
Give a useful gift, not more stuff
Be Light, rather than seeing the lights