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Tenebrae – Maundy Thursday 9 April 2020

If you would like to, you can gather a few objects to prepare: the colour for the Tenebrae and Maundy Thursday is purple so if you have something that is purple, like a cloth or tea towel, lay that down as a remindera Tenebrae service would usually have 9 candles all lit at the beginning … Read more

Good Friday – 10 April 2020

Introduction Rev Claire Song – When his time was over Reflection opportunity Download your self guided Good Friday document Download your reflection points document Song – Holy Spirit Rain Intergen Activity Before you watch today's, have you watched the Tenebrae story – Peter and the Rooster This week we are making Icthus paper Chain Download … Read more

Easter Sunday – 12 April 2020

Many of us have enjoyed being able to have the traditional and more intergenerational services available to us at the same time. This week the series have been placed intentionally in an order which brings us from the call to worship and prayer of approach through the Bible reading and reflection points to consider throughout, … Read more

Reflection points – 12 April 2020

“Go tell his disciples and Peter…” That one phrase says so much. Why was Peter singled out for special mention? Why not James and John or one of the others? They were all loved by Jesus. Just Peter. Download your Reflection Points document looking at Mark 16:1-8

Messy Church – Easter

Resource Document Download your Messy Easter document hereDownload Cheer Up!! Damper Bread Science Experiment REcognition Game

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Sharing Space

MUC Prayer Offering #4

Lord, your world is in the middle of a health crisis that spans the globe and is shared across the internet and media as never before. We know more about the horrors, medical battles, struggles and mounting deaths than was previously possible. We mourn the loss of people, jobs, businesses, income, and the daily freedoms … Read more

A Gift for the Least …

Instead of buying gifts for each other this last Christmas my husband and I decided to buy a gift for the birds who frequent our garden. We sourced and bought a birdbath which was made of terracotta. We soon realised the dish and stand could be separated. I had visualised we would put the whole … Read more

Living hopefully in troubling times

This is a reworking of an article written by Ian Anderson and published in the MUC Magazine in 2017. We feel that it is even more relevant today. Living hopefully in troubling times A meme doing the rounds on the internet at the moment that our daughters have shared with us, suggests that 2020 has … Read more

MUC Prayer Offering #3

Heavenly Father, Please Lord be with us in these days of uncertainty. Be with those who are anxious about their health, those who are anxious about essential supplies and those who depend on the support of others each day. Guide us Lord to be able to be a loving / caring Brother or Sister to … Read more

Panic or Opportunity?

Pandemic, panic-buying, social distancing, self-isolation,new normal.Words, which a few weeks ago we didn’t use.  The virus has not only given us new wordsbut a respite for our beleaguered planet. The virus has done what we humans couldn’t.Curtailed our movements and closed industries that were polluting our worldto a dangerous tipping-point.  While we take drastic action to ‘flatten … Read more


Sometime ago at a Family@10 Service, things were available to help us reflect on the theme of the day. One of the ‘things’ was a very hard, dry, shrivelled object.  When it was suggested that we take the object home and plant it to see what happened, I felt dubious. It looked impossible that anything … Read more

Growing Vegetables

I looked out of our back window today as we are largely isolated at home, and am so very grateful for the skills of my husband Col, and for the wonderful veggies he is producing, especially at this time that is so different for us all – thank you. We are incredibly lucky to have … Read more

Virtual Gatherings

While our face to face gatherings have been suspended, we’ve been working hard to provide alternative options for you to connect and engage with.

See the calendar for virtual gathering options.


Giving in a time of Crisis

We are all facing difficult times and some more than others. Even though we are not meeting physically we are doing many different ways to keep in touch. Some, who are in a position to do so, have indicated that they would like to keep on giving. Some who are … Read more

MUC COVID 19 – Practices & Protocols #4 (24 March 2020)

Dear friends and members of Manningham Uniting Church,MUC Hub will remain open. At this moment, our operating hours are from 11 am to 2 pm, Mondays to Thursdays.  If you intend to come to the office, please observe the following practices. Sanitise your hands immediately on entry.Please fill in the … Read more

Vic/Tas Moderator’s pastoral letter

Dear Friends, Greetings in the name of Christ. We are in unprecedented times and unchartered territory, as we are impacted by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  Decisions about how to respond are being made in very short time-frames.  The rapidly changing situation brings a wide range of challenges of a … Read more

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Prayer Resource #2

This prayer resource is offered in the hope that it will sustain you whilst we are worshipping in different … Read more

In the Final Analysis

In the final analysis, our happiness will not be defined by the number of toilet rolls

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