Community online

Community online


  • Day of Mourning – 24 January
    This year, weather and Covid permitting, our Day of Mourning service will be held on 24 January at 10.00am at the Red Stringy Bark shelter, Westerfolds Park. If the weather is not suitable the service will be held at Westfield Drive and a decision about this will be made on Thursday 21 January. Please register by phoning the Hub on 9846 2012 or emailing The printed service will also be online and mailed out for those who are not able or comfortable to meet in person. In addition, we are hoping to record the service and make it available on the website.
  • Back to School Service – 31 January
    An in person service to be held at 20 Westfield Dr, Doncaster or live streamed to Woodhouse Grove, Box Hill North. (please register your attendance at either locations – or 9846 2012)

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Sharing Space

  • Change the Heart Through Prayer
    Following our Day of Mourning service on Sunday, this is an opportunity to join with Common Grace and explore Change the Heart through prayer led by this nation’s First Peoples.  The service will be broadcast via tv, radio and online.  Weblink here:Common Grace
  • UCA prays for USA
    Assembly President Dr Deidre Palmer has conveyed the Uniting Church’s prayers of solidarity with the people of the United States to the UCA’s partner churches in that country.
  • Good Enough
    I have spent a few weeks as the Chaplain for the Selection Conference, a time when applicants for ordained ministry meet with a panel of people from across VicTas Synod in order to test their call to ministry. It’s a time of great challenge and vulnerability and is certainly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. With the COVID-19 restrictions, this has obviously taken place on Zoom with all of its inherent challenges. As Chaplain, my role has included […]
  • The Magic Box
    A knock on the front door, barely audible, broke into a conversation with Tanya over a cup of coffee.  Without a word she left her seat at the kitchen bench and headed for the front door. Shortly after she reappeared with a box in her hand. It was shoe box in size, square in shape.     Turning the box over, I could see it was sent by Merryn. I was interested. Scissors found in a draw, the tape on the box […]
  • Reflection on Dementia
    In the forward to the book ‘Memory Byways’,  which records dementia journeys through poetry, is written; “For a person on the Dementia journey… Time is no longer sequential; the present is the past, the future is yesterday…Personal identity becomes fluid, fantasy and reality merge; but love is remembered.” A recent Webinar ‘Best Practice and Support for People living with Younger Onset Dementia’ highlighted the individual nature of the dementia journey. There are, however, underlying common principles including ensuring the experiences […]
  • Christmas
    When I was growing up in England Christmas was in midwinter. My Mum and Dad always invited those who would otherwise spend the day alone to Christmas lunch with our family. We enjoyed gathering around our large table with whoever came. After we were married, my husband and I moved to the remote Highlands of PNG to live and work. Our first Christmas there was shaping up to be a lonely affair. At that stage we didn’t know many people. […]
  • Christmas in the Ozark Mountains
    Christmas in America’s heartland is a unique experience.  Especially in the region known as the Ozark Mountains where I was raised and came to faith in Jesus.  The Ozarks are known for their rugged terrain of hardwood forests, sparkling springs, subterranean caverns, and equally rustic history of pioneer settlement, superstition and fierce independence.  It also has a reputation for being the buckle of the American Bible Belt.  As a result, it is one of the few remaining places where Christmas […]
  • Christmas in another country 1972
    It was December 1972, Zambia, Africa.  The long-awaited rains were late in coming.  The air was damp, humidity rising.   Christmas was a special time at Kalulushi Farm College (KFC).  Students returned to their villages and small rural towns to be with families for Christmas.   The college quiet, a small number of students and a skeleton staff care for the cattle, milk the dairy cows, feed the pigs, and collect the eggs from the chickens.  A workshop mechanic keeps an eye […]

Virtual Gatherings

While our face to face gatherings have been suspended, we’ve been working hard to provide alternative options for you to connect and engage with.

See the calendar for virtual gathering options.


  • Worship in the Coming Weeks
    At this time, we are planning to re-gather in person for worship.  It will involve registering for services so that we can monitor numbers.  However, if you have been advised to stay away from others for medical reasons, if you are the slightest unwell, or if you are uncomfortable to attend in person, we will continue to ensure that worship resources are available online and in print.The plan is for one service at Westfield Drive which will be live streamed to Woodhouse Grove […]
  • Introducing our New Supply Minister*
    After bidding goodbye to Rev. Dhirendra Narayan at the end of August – he has taken a permanent placement in another congregation – we now welcome Rev. Beth Bear. She writes by way of introduction: Hello MUC and thank you for welcoming me for the next few months. I am a Minister of the Word in placement as chaplain at The Scots School Albury and have been here since 2016. My favourite parts of my ministry are building community and […]
  • Communion during COVID-19 – the wandering continues
    A few months ago, I shared a theological reflection on communion during COVID-19. I said then that I had wrestled with this and spoken to colleagues, some of whom were celebrating communion online according to the Assembly guidelines and some of whom, like me, felt deeply uncomfortable doing so. Theologically, I view the church as a body – not a new or original idea! – a whole body with different parts which work together, not apart. At the time of […]
  • Uniting Church Presidents Message
    Assembly President Dr Deidre Palmer has recorded a pastoral message to all those in distress at the continuing COVID19 pandemic.

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  • MIdday Prayer
    We know that people are tired of zoom and being online.  It’s been a long time!  Perhaps you are finding prayer and worship difficult at this time.  This is a prayer or liturgy resource called Midday Prayer which you could use at home with your family or on your own.  It is written by Rev Dr Sally Douglas, Minister of Richmond Uniting Church.  It has responses to prayers and you can choose your own readings so it could become a holy habit, […]
  • Covid19: an unprecedented crisis?
    This is a study by John Bottomley called ‘Covid19: an unprecedented crisis?’  It is written for groups but it is something anyone could work through on their own.  John’s writing is challenging but speaks of God’s hope for the world. Download the study here
  • Whitehorse Manningham Libraries AUgust activities
    Whitehorse Manningham Libraries have organised 38 online events in August to keep you entertained, learning and amused this lockdown. For more information, follow their page or visit
  • Ergasia
    Ergasia is the Rev. Brendan Byrne’s podcast about the intersection of work and faith and a theological reflection on economics. Brendan is a Uniting Church Minister down the road at Heathmont who reflects brilliantly on spirituality of work and views human dignity in employment through a Scriptural lens.  Brendan has written many articles on the theme of faith and work and this podcast has some great listens, for example, 19 May episode is about God’s call to pastorally care for those in […]
  • Keeping your children safe online

    Manningham Uniting Church operates under the guidelines of the VicTas Synod’s Culture of Safety Unit. We offer regular UCA Safe Church training, we have a designated culture of safety officer, Lynda Anderson, and we screen all employees and volunteers according to
    the Synod guidelines. Our church leaders have current Working with Children Checks.

    We offer the following document for your use. You will no doubt have received information and advice from your children’s schools. This may repeat or supplement what you already know but it is important that we communicate about this as a church.

  • Prayer Resource #4
    This prayer resource is offered in the hope that it will sustain you whilst we are worshipping in different places. Just because we are not gathering together in one place as we would usually do on a Sunday morning, it doesn’t mean we aren’t gathering together as a community of faith and prayer. This fourth edition contains new offerings written from members of our community and other offerings from other writers.
  • Local Library connections
    There are some really great events, opportunities and resources in the local Library Whats On Program
  • Online Courses at Living and Learning @ Ajani
    Living & Learning @ Ajani has been working through this social distancing period to bring you these FREE ONLINE courses to help you to ‘stay connected’.
  • Access Mars
    Check out the real surface of Mars as recorded but NASA’s Curiosity Rover.
  • Getting ready for the World Knitting day
    In preparation for the World Knitting Day, Adele takes you through what you need to know to be able to knit squares. And also, find the knitting pattern here for you to print and refer to during the knitting day event In the meantime, feel free to utilise this pattern and knit your own squares in your own time. We would be very happy to receive any additional knitted squares to turn into blankets. You can send your squares to […]
  • Penguin Parade
    Witness the cutest penguins returning to the world’s largest little penguin colony and let your mind wander as the playful story unfolds. Narrated by Michael “Wippa” Wipfli, experience the magic of Phillip Island’s LIVE Phillip Island Penguin Parade off the coast of Visit Melbourne. Tune in onto Facebook page at 6:00 PM AEST Sunday, May 17.
  • Manningham City Council Parenting Seminar Series
    They say it takes a village to raise a child. Our parenting seminar series aims to provide parents the tools to manage difficult situations and help them be well informed and involved in their children’s lives. Over the next 12 months, we have partnered with some of Australia’s most acclaimed professionals to help you feel empowered by developing strategies and techniques to create positive change. All parents, grandparents and guardians interested in developing the emotional and social competencies of their […]
  • Prayer Resource #3
    This prayer resource is offered in the hope that it will sustain you whilst we are worshipping in different places. Just because we are not gathering together in one place as we would usually do on a Sunday morning, it doesn’t mean we aren’t gathering together as a community of faith and prayer. This third edition contains new offerings written from members of our community and other offerings from other writers. Download your copy of the third edition of the […]
  • Climate through COVID to Change
    What do you love and hope never to lose to climate chaos? – a question posited during our Earth Hour on-line service. It is a powerful and potent question and the more so as we grapple with an invisible virus wreaking economic havoc and more desperately, taking the lives of hundreds of thousands across our world. No respecter of geographical borders or social class, its impact of grief and suffering is incomprehensible and wretchedly devastating. Our hearts writhe with the […]
  • Melbourne Zoo Animal House
    Melbourne Zoo are live streaming the animals and the zoo keepers 24/7! What a fantastic way to experience the zoo and the animals from the comfort your own home.
  • Story online
    A fantastic opportunity to share the classics from your childhood with your children – with classics such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Tale of Two Beasts and newer stories in abundance. Story Online offers the opportunity to improve your child’s reading, writing and communication skills and is available 24/7. Readers include Oprah Winfrey, Chris Pine, Kristen Bell, Rita Moreno, Viola Davis, Jaime Camil, Kevin Costner, Lily Tomlin, Sarah Silverman, Betty White, Wanda Sykes […]

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