Social Justice Action

Social Justice Action Group
At the inaugural meeting of MUC’s Social Justice Action Group this week two issues were tabled which required urgent action.

1. Climate Change
Why? As Christians we are to love God our Creator and love our neighbour as ourselves. To love our neighbour requires a healthy environment for us all to live. To love our neighbour means we think of all God’s creatures and the generations to come after us.

People at the forefront of environmental damage,
Indigenous peoples and those most impacted by climate change,
tell stories of forced relocation, changes to food production and water supply, acts of violence, destruction by mining companies
and feelings of abandonment. They are calling for justice; that we
turn this brokenness into compassion, hope and loving action.

2. Children on Nauru.
A letter was tabled from ASRC (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre) giving details of the situation on Nauru, encouraging people to read the joint report with the Refugee Council of Australia: “Australia’s man-made crises on Nauru. Six years on” and write to their MPs in protest.

There are copies of the ASRC letter in the foyer as well as a suggested letter which you can take home, or sign and leave for us to send on.

Our compassion and Christian beliefs require us to take action on these issues..