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Posts by Manningham UC

Winter – love it or hate it, we all experience it

If your first experience of Australia was a Melbourne winter, you might think twice about moving here. On all the tourist advertising, Australia is presented as a sunny, outdoor destination. I was speaking with some students from overseas once, and they were shocked that they had left

Ministry team still meeting during lockdown

You may or may not have seen members of the ministry team on church videos each Sunday (particularly in the ‘What’s on’ segment), but please be assured that even if you are seeing less of us, we are still present in a great many ways

National Reconciliation Week – Dadirri

Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann, an Aboriginal elder from Daly River talks of spirituality as a basis for listening. “What I want to talk about is a special quality of my people. I believe it is the most important. It is our most unique gift. It is perhaps the greatest gift we can give to out fellow Australians. In our language it is called Dadirri. Dadirri is an inner, deep listening and quiet, still awareness. Dadirri recognises the deep spring that is inside…

National Sorry Day

There are a number of ways we can recognise and celebrate Reconciliation Week from the comfort of our own homes and we’d like to encourage us to do so.

Worship 24 May 2020

Led by Rev Claire and Manningham UC members this weeks service looks at the reading 1 Corinthians 15: 1-26, 51-7 – around the theme: Matters of life and death

Messy Church – Noah

This month’s Messy Church at home is looking at the story of Noah. Resource Document Retelling of Noah’s Story Science with Sharon Rainbow Activity sheet Messy Kitchen

Prayer Resource #4

This prayer resource is offered in the hope that it will sustain you whilst we are worshipping in different places. Just because we are not gathering together in one place as we would usually do on a Sunday morning, it doesn’t mean we aren’t gathering together as a community of faith and prayer. This fourth edition contains new offerings written from members of our community and other offerings from other writers.

Message from the Vic/Tas Synod

For more information around the directions for congregations, amongst the easing of restrictions – download the recent communications from the Victorian Tasmanian Synod

English Speaking Classes move to online

Is English your second or additional language? You are invited to practise your English with volunteer tutors from Manningham Uniting Church in a free weekly online class. Register now to join. Places are limited. Our friendly classes will be run weekly for 5 weeks, starting on Friday 29th May. They will run from 10am to 10.40am. We would love to see you! Please fill in the form below and we will contact you with a zoom invitation: For more information:…

Access Mars

Check out the real surface of Mars as recorded but NASA’s Curiosity Rover.

The Resilience Project

A few months ago, long before we had even heard of Covid-19, I watched a young man being interviewed on breakfast TV. I was so impressed I went out and bought his book which was equally impressive.  Hugh van Cuylenburg was a primary school teacher who spent 12 months volunteering and living at an underprivileged school in the Himalaya. He came to realise that despite the underprivileged community the children were from, they were remarkably positive. By contrast, back in…

Getting ready for the World Knitting day

In preparation for the World Knitting Day, Adele takes you through what you need to know to be able to knit squares. And also, find the knitting pattern here for you to print and refer to during the knitting day event Don’t forget to register: Register here

COVID update 13 May 2020

Dear Friends and Members of Manningham Uniting Church (MUC), Premier Dan Andrews announced the easing of some restrictions in Victoria.  In order to keep everyone safe, Church Council would like to communicate the following to you all. The church buildings remain closed, but the Church is still open Worship will continue to be online with pastoral care offered through phone calls, mailouts, email and zoom.  Phone Rev Claire, Megan or Scott if you need pastoral support. Megan will continue her…