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A Platform for Change

As it is not illegal to seek asylum one must wonder why it has been government policy for so long to detain asylum seekers off shore or even in detention centres on the mainland. The rather excessive misplaced funding that has gone into establishing these facilities even to the reopening of Christmas Island in case ……..what? In 2017 a very diverse group of people from refugee backgrounds, actors, academics, community groups and NGOs worked together to articulate a platform of…

Musical Memories

I arrived at the WFD parking lot before the advertised starting time for Musical Memories to find several cars already parked there.    On leaving the car park I noticed Megan was about to enter WFD with a walker loaded with shopping bags.   I heard Neil being given some last-minute instructions to be near his phone at 3.30pm.    On entering the foyer area of WFD I heard discussion coming from the meeting room.  Chairs being set out; the PA system being tested by Brian and Tony.   People were arriving, Les with his daughter,…

Leadership training for young people

On the weekend before I flew to the UK on the Monday, I spent the weekend with an incredible group of young adult leaders at Somers.  For 60 years this camp has been run by the Uniting Church and the preceding denominations. The 40 leaders are aged between 16 and 30 and undergo selection processes and training to ensure they can plan and run the camp for over 100 children in the first week of the July school holidays. The…

Minister’s Message – June 2019

Written from International Messy Church Conference, May 2019 I’m currently sitting at the table in my brother-in-law’s house in Wales having spent the night here after the end of the International Messy Church conference.  I’m finishing off my final essay for the postgrad and writing this piece.  My mind is a whirl trying to process everything I’ve heard this weekend.  Despite the planning, the effort and the expense of just getting here, it has been so worthwhile, something I did doubt…

Worship Reflections

Café Church

Sharon Hyne’s Reflection on Café Church 16 June 2019 Sharon’s address was on the history of Café Church in Templestowe Village and not on the Bible Readings for today which were Romans 5:1-5; John 16: 12-15

Spirit Who Flows out to the Nations

Matt Julius’ Reflection ‘Spirit Who Flows out to Nations’ 26 May 2019 Bible Readings: Acts 11: 1-18; Revelation 21: 10, 21 :21-22: 5 Matt looks at the way the readings from Acts and Revelation invite us to embrace people across the lines of race. He suggests that being a multicultural church isn’t and added extra in the life of faith, but is built into the vision a new life Christ offers.

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