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Lent Reflection (week 1)

During Lent, the Young Explorers at Family@10 are going to bring symbols into church as part of our worship services.  We wonder if everyone might like to get involved at home. Each week, we will send the reading for the following Sunday and the symbol for you to think about with a few notes.  We hope you find them useful. Don’t forget our two Ash Wednesday services – 7pm on Wed 26th Feb and 11.30am communion on Thurs 27th Feb.  …

Why pancakes? 40 days? purple?

40 days? Lent is the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, a time when Christians prepare and reflect, engage in spiritual journeys or pilgrimages, in preparation for Easter Sunday. The number 40 is a special one in the stories contained in our Scriptures: Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the wilderness after his baptism Moses spent 40 days fasting before he received the 10 commandments there were 40 days and nights of rain which flooded the earth in…

John the Baptist – Messy Church

The new blue banner was flying from the veranda at ATK telling everyone Messy Church was starting last Sunday and we had 10 different stations relating to the story for all ages.  Cath Barnard rediscovered a love of threading beads as she added the different colours to a bracelet in order to tell the story of John the Baptist, the Bairstows brought their pet stick insects from home, we learnt a couple of new songs courtesy of the band, and…

Introducing Youth2020 leaders

We’ve got a fantastic team of leaders who are preparing for term 1’s program of Youth 2020. If you’re in year 5 to Year 10, get in touch and we’ll send you some more information. But before then, we’d like to introduce you to the leaders, so we asked them 10 taxing questions to gain an insight into them. Introducing Lisa 1. What is your name? Lisa 2. What is your favourite color? Yellow 3. You have the exact same…

Worship Reflections

In touch

Rev Bob Ridley’s Reflection “In touch” 2 February 2020 Bible Reading: Mark 5: 21-43

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