Grumpies Celeberate

This week the Grumpies Coffee Group celebrated Jon Marin’s 80th Birthday with a tasty cake from Michels’ Patisserie at the Pines Shopping Centre. You are welcome to join us at 3.00pm every Tuesday as we ‘solve’ the world problems over coffee.

‘Conversations on things that matter’ 6, 13, 20, 27 August

What do we really know about Jesus?

What difference does it make if Jesus and Christ are not the same?

Can human beings be one with God?

Can we moderns cope with a God who is mystery?

How do we imagine “living in the Spirit of God?”

How does all this affect how we are as church?

Other questions that are sure to arise.

If you would be interested to join in such conversations
please let Gail or Alastair know on 9846 8464 or
email or write you name on
registration sheets in foyer at each worship location.

Emerging Church 19 August

Date: Sunday 19 August
Time: 5.00pm
Place: Westfield Drive, Doncaster

We continue our theme for July-November  ‘Does Your Faith Guide and Empower Life’s Journey

The focus  for August will be on ‘The Grace of Gratitude’

By means of images, reflection and music, we
will consider how an attitude of gratitude can
be powerfully transformative.

In a world in which we are NOT grateful for so many sad, bad and mad things, it is empowering to express gratitude for the many good things that do happen, often going unnoticed.

The short service will, as usual, be followed by a shared light meal. Please bring a plate of finger food to share. All welcome.

Seniors Lunch 24 August

Date: Friday 24 August
Time: 12 noon
Place: 20 Westfield Drive, Doncaster

Speakers: Helen and Don Bartlett
Music: Beryl Richards

Transport cab arranged.
RSVP: Please notify your RSVP and transport needs to The HUB
9846 2012 or Megan Coote 9876 2428 by Sunday 19 August.