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As we are working under COVID-19 restrictions, we are worshipping online until further notice.
This is so that we can keep everyone safe and, as much as we can, slow down the spread of the COVID19 in the community.

Worship Online

Sharing Your Space

Working from home Helpful Hints

Working at home during COVID-19 is not always as simple or as attractive as it sounds.  Some people thrive on it whilst others struggle with the balancing act of boundaries, responsibilities, and well-being.  This resource has been written to accompany a zoom discussion on Wed 12th August on how to cope with this situation of working whilst staying safe at home.  

Fundraiser for Asylum Seeker Emergency Medication Fund

I would like to give to the Asylum Seeker Medication fund People seeking asylum in Victoria are struggling to pay for essential medications. As they are not eligible for concession prescription medications, the cost is often more than they can afford. The pandemic has meant that many more people than usual who are seeking asylum have no income at all. With no eligibility for Government subsidies, paying for essentials is becoming increasingly difficult. Connections is a group of people from…

Climate Change – your response

This is a link to get your views heard at synod as young people about climate change.  It follows on from the zoom discussion Bradon and I held a couple of weeks ago – another is in the planning with a really good speaker who will talk to us about different climate change issues…..  I’m not allowed to spill the beans yet though.  Claire


Manningham Uniting Church are doing their bit and covering up – feel free to send your mask through to so we can add your mask to the mix.

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