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When Feeling Hemmed In

The rhubarb stalks were spindly, and I wondered why. I soon learnt that the plant needed dividing. This made sense as the rhubarb had stayed in the same large pot in which we had transported it to our new home two years before. As advised I waited until we were on the cusp of spring before dividing it.One sunny day I gathered various implements with which I planned to extricate the plant from the pot.  It was hard going as…

Wasting Time

We moved, and downsized (sort of) – after 28 years at our wonderful previous home..The move came just before COVID-19 presented a particularly difficult challenge for many. I have, until recent days, been kept naturally busy on the issues and tasks that are a part of moving home. I am now feeling unusually organised and my mind has turned to a concern about wasting time due to the physical limits that have been imposed, at least temporarily, on life as…


The Community Building Team have implemented a penpal initiative with some of the members of the congregation. Here is a reflection from one partnership: Today is a special day for us. We just found a letter in our letter box from Oliver, our MUC pen pal. We now have three articles on the top of our lounge bookcase that have been sent to us. There is a card with elephants on it, a sand picture of a whale which Oliver…

As we are working under COVID-19 restrictions, we are worshipping online until further notice.
This is so that we can keep everyone safe and, as much as we can, slow down the spread of the COVID19 in the community.

Worship Online