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Building Bridges through Story – a reflection

Arriving at the Ajani Centre, I was immediately confronted by a row of florescent vested people sitting at tables, happily directing me to other people with lists eager to register me.  A green band was placed around my wrist, I was sold a lunch ticket and handed a Bendigo Bank bag with lots of goodies.    Looking at the program, I noticed the first activity was a Welcome to Country with a Smoking Ceremony led by our aboriginal friend. We were invited to share in the ceremony by washing ourselves clean in the smoke created by green…

Building Bridges Through Story – Snippets

Building bridges was a fantastic opportunity to hear the voices of a range of people in our community.One take home message was that we all need to think about the things we say and do in our lives that may be unknowingly marginalising or hurting others around us.For example,by welcoming “ladies and gentlemen” to an event this may make 99% of people there feel welcome; but to that one person there that doesn’t see themselves as fitting either category, that…


As published originally in Crosslight, October 2019. Article written by David Southwell. When Doncaster East Uniting Church decided to ask some tough questions about its future it could little dream the answers would lead to a new $8 million community and worship centre.In 2012, the circumstances facing Doncaster East (which later became Anderson Creek Road Uniting Church) would be familiar to many congregations.Former church council secretary Robert Bairstow said with few young people attending, the ageing congregation in the increasingly…

What can be our response as Christians in creating a ‘dementia friendly’ Church community?

The theme of the 2019 Dementia Action Week, which ran from 16 to 22 September was: Dementia doesn’t discriminate. Do you?  The CEO of Dementia Australia Maree McCabe says “Assumptions might be made about a person’s capacity to contribute to conversations, decision-making, whether they can still drive, cook or even continue to work. Friends and family might stop calling or inviting a person living with dementia to social occasions – not out of deliberate neglect but possibly out of not…

Worship Reflections

Sarah laughs

Rev Rod Horsfield’s Proclamation/Reflection 15 September 2019 Bible Readings: Genesis 18: 1-15, 21: 1-7; Mark 10: 23-27

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