Church in a real café? On Saturday?

Church in a real café? On Saturday?

Along with Joan and Gloria, (members of the original team who started Cafe Church) I say we are pretty involved with our Café Church and pretty proud of what we have achieved.

The manager and staff at the Living Room welcome us and we cater to those who enjoy this type of worship. It works for them and it works for us.

The team decided it would be great if we could start having communion before each session. We felt it would bind us together more. We questioned how could we be church without having communion, as it is a central part of church, a central part of our faith.

However as only a minister can bless and administer communion, it meant developing in conjunction with our minister a short and simple way of sharing the bread and the cup together each month. (We have a bread roll, which we pass around and then use our cup of water).

An Agape Meal is a religious meal shared as a sign of love and fellowship, it provides a great opportunity to experience God and share the Christian faith.

And so, we developed our Agape Meal, with most of us in the team having input, and we are quite proud of what we came up with.