Worship – 4 October 2020

Rev Lorraine leads our service today along with members of the Manningham UC congregation looking at Exodus 12:1-13 and acknowledging Dementia Week

Worship – 13 September 2020

The second creation story seeks to remind us that God’s ideal for us is to be settled together within the ordered space carved out especially for us. Human nature is to voyage outside of those boundaries, to explore the world which contains pain and suffering. In doing this we grow, but at what cost? And if we breach the threshold, can we ever come home?

Worship – 6 September 2020

For this service, we tackle the reading from John 1:1-5, listen to the choir and the band, and have some reflective opportunities, listening and watching.

Pet Blessing Service – 6 Sept

Our pets are so important to us, members of our family in fact. At times like these, they are a comfort and loving support. Bring your pets (or photos/ drawings if they are unlikely to cooperate) to a blessing service on zoom.