Our Vision
Inspired by God and seeking to emulate the life of Jesus we will identify and reflect God’s love by creating, participating in and walking with communities locally, nationally and globally.

What We Do
We provide opportunities for meaningful worship, learning and discipleship and purposeful mission.

Our Values

Congregation Chair: Bob Hodges
Congregational Secretary: Tony McLachlan

Church Council 
Ray Cranwell-Chair
Ken Manson-Deputy Chair
John Steel-Secretary
John Hyne-Treasurer
Natalie Brown
Jenny Ellis
Chris Mitchell
Jill Parkinson
Tania Puglia
Ministry Team (see Ministry Team page)
Merryn Platt-Co-opted member
Zoe Mc Lachlan=Minute Taker

Coordination Team (CT) Leader: Moses Lee
Operations Support: Ruth Hodges

Community Building Team
(Convenor: Don Bartlett, CT: Graham Cox)
Elders/Pastoral Care (Convenor: Rex Anderson, CT Adele Gaudion)
Learning & Discipleship (Convenor: Jenny Ellis, CT Rachel Hardie)
Finance (
Convenor & CT: Peter Hanna)
(Convenor & CT: Helen Bartlett)
(Convenor & CT: Robert Bairstow)
Worship (Convenor: Chris Mitchell, CT: Sharon Hyne)

MUC Project Control Group (PCG)
Robert Bairstow, Stewart Bairstow, Natlalie Brown,
Ray Cranwell, Ron Gaudion, John Steel, Lucas Taylor.

Transition Team
Leader: Robert Bairstow, Rex Anderson, Chris Bairstow, Don Bartlett, Helen Bartlett, Jeanette Bernet, Peter Elliott, Peter Hanna,, Zoe McLachlan, Moses Lee.