6 June 2021

6 June 2021

acknowledgement of country and welcome

Swee Ann

Call to Worship

Swee Ann

Song Build my life

Prayer of Confession

Swee Ann

Song Tis 745 Seek Ye first

Bible Readings: 1 Samuel 8:4-20 & Mark 3:20-35


Song The Wise man


Swee Ann

Song SAme Power

FAmily of God Liturgy

Read by Adele, written by Teri Peterson

Prayers of the People


Offering Prayer

Let us acknowledge all our offerings.

Let us pray…

Generous God, take our gifts this day and use them 
so that we may be part of your great work in this world. 
Through our giving, bring justice and love closer to all, 
not just in our community but in the world beyond these walls. 
Strengthen our church and the whole Uniting Church in Australia 
so that we grow together each day 
into a powerful voice for healing and peace. 


Song TIS 457 The Church’s one foundation

Blessings and Benediction

Swee Ann

31 May 2021