Sharing your space (Page 8)

Sharing your space (Page 8)

MUC Prayer offering #1

God of Creation  We are so troubled by what has befallen our World.  We have emerged from those terrible fires to find a world petrified by a virus we neither understand nor see a way past. Yet God of love, we know deep down that you understand our turmoil and feel our pain.  So in our anxiety we turn to you, for we know that you will see us through these troubled times.  It may not be easy, it might not be the…

MUC is going on a bear hunt

Some of the members of Manningham UC are joining in with the Bear hunt initiative. Do you have a bear in your window and would like to share – email

In my back yard

Just been out to feed the animals and let them out in the paddock.  It’s so lovely how they are consistent every single morning – the hens are clucking away waiting the scraps and peelings, the bunnies are hopping around pleased they’re about to be fed and the pony is kicking the bottom fence panel as he feels he should be fed first.  Nothing changes in my backyard as far as they are concerned – situation normal in the midst…

Lords Prayer @10pm

Churches around the world will gather in faith at 10pm tonight (our time) to pray the Lord’s prayer wherever they happen to be. Pope Francis and many other church leaders, including our own Uniting Church President and Moderators, are inviting all of us to come together to say the words given to us by Jesus.   If you can, please join us.Grace and peace Our Father in heavenHallowed by your name.Your kingdom come.Your will be doneon earth as it is in…

Viral Kindness

Using this #viralkindness card extend love and support to your neighbours at this unsettling and difficult time. On Friday my kids and I placed the attached cards in our neighbours letter boxes complete with our contact details. Within 24 hours I was contacted by 2 of our elderly neighbours expressing their gratitude. In a time of great uncertainty and necessary social distancing and isolation you can not underestimate the power of kindness. We found the act of extending care and…

Intergen response – 22 march 2020

Thank you to all who have shared your intergenerational response from today’s service. See the creations below. If you have a photo to share, please email it