Sharing your space (Page 2)

Sharing your space (Page 2)

Messy Church – Easter

Download your resource document here Cheer Up! Donkey Craft Watch: Peter and the Rooster Watch and make: Messy Kitchen Watch: Breaking Bread Watch: The Tale of three trees Watch: Way of the Cross wATCH: mARY AND THE gARDENER Watch and Do: Messy Science Watch and Do: Coloured Eggs Watch: The Big Breakfast Watch and Do: Recognising Game

Introducing… Swee Ann Koh

Oh, don’t you just love a story that takes you on a journey which has something different at every turn? And so it was at our ‘trinity gathering’ when Ruth and I met up with Swee Ann at The Living Room in Templestowe, to hear the Swee Ann story. We were there to hear all about the man who is to be inducted on 14 February as the newest member of our Ministry Team. Swee Ann comes from Singapore, so…

Rev Alistair Macrae speaks out on the controversy around the 2021 awards in Crosslight.

I have decided to join the ranks of Australia Day award recipients who are handing back their awards in response to the “upgrading” of Margaret Court’s Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) to the highest award of Companion (AC). As an avid sports fan, I celebrated the awarding of an AO to Mrs Court, a suitable recognition of her outstanding sporting achievements. I question, however, why it was deemed appropriate by the committee to upgrade her award….. read in…

Change the Heart Through Prayer

Following our Day of Mourning service on Sunday, this is an opportunity to join with Common Grace and explore Change the Heart through prayer led by this nation’s First Peoples.  The service will be broadcast via tv, radio and online.  Weblink here:Common Grace

UCA prays for USA

Assembly President Dr Deidre Palmer has conveyed the Uniting Church’s prayers of solidarity with the people of the United States to the UCA’s partner churches in that country.

Good Enough

I have spent a few weeks as the Chaplain for the Selection Conference, a time when applicants for ordained ministry meet with a panel of people from across VicTas Synod in order to test their call to ministry. It’s a time of great challenge and vulnerability and is certainly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. With the COVID-19 restrictions, this has obviously taken place on Zoom with all of its inherent challenges. As Chaplain, my role has included…

The Magic Box

A knock on the front door, barely audible, broke into a conversation with Tanya over a cup of coffee.  Without a word she left her seat at the kitchen bench and headed for the front door. Shortly after she reappeared with a box in her hand. It was shoe box in size, square in shape.     Turning the box over, I could see it was sent by Merryn. I was interested. Scissors found in a draw, the tape on the box…

Reflection on Dementia

In the forward to the book ‘Memory Byways’,  which records dementia journeys through poetry, is written; “For a person on the Dementia journey… Time is no longer sequential; the present is the past, the future is yesterday…Personal identity becomes fluid, fantasy and reality merge; but love is remembered.” A recent Webinar ‘Best Practice and Support for People living with Younger Onset Dementia’ highlighted the individual nature of the dementia journey. There are, however, underlying common principles including ensuring the experiences…


When I was growing up in England Christmas was in midwinter. My Mum and Dad always invited those who would otherwise spend the day alone to Christmas lunch with our family. We enjoyed gathering around our large table with whoever came. After we were married, my husband and I moved to the remote Highlands of PNG to live and work. Our first Christmas there was shaping up to be a lonely affair. At that stage we didn’t know many people.…

Christmas in the Ozark Mountains

Christmas in America’s heartland is a unique experience.  Especially in the region known as the Ozark Mountains where I was raised and came to faith in Jesus.  The Ozarks are known for their rugged terrain of hardwood forests, sparkling springs, subterranean caverns, and equally rustic history of pioneer settlement, superstition and fierce independence.  It also has a reputation for being the buckle of the American Bible Belt.  As a result, it is one of the few remaining places where Christmas…

Christmas in another country 1972

It was December 1972, Zambia, Africa.  The long-awaited rains were late in coming.  The air was damp, humidity rising.   Christmas was a special time at Kalulushi Farm College (KFC).  Students returned to their villages and small rural towns to be with families for Christmas.   The college quiet, a small number of students and a skeleton staff care for the cattle, milk the dairy cows, feed the pigs, and collect the eggs from the chickens.  A workshop mechanic keeps an eye…

Study of Revelation Part Three

Rev Dr Sunny Chen led us in the final of a 3 part series looking at Revelation. He has provided the notes and a recording from the first offering. Rev Dr Sunny Chen

Christmas at the Manse – Childhood Memories

Being the eldest of six children and daughter of the minister, Christmas was always a very busy but special time of the year. When I brought this topic up with my 5 siblings recently, during one of our family Zoom meets, the first memory was helping Dad decorate all the church pews with greenery, red bows and real candles. In fact, as soon as Dad was appointed to a new church, he was on the lookout for anyone who had…

Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020: Statement from the Moderator

Rev Denise Liersch (The Moderator of the Victorian/Tasmanian Synod – State wide representation of the Uniting Church) responds to the much debated bill that was put ti the Victorian Parliament. Much debate has also occurred in churches and the community. Read the response here:

Museum in my Neighbourhood – Engage Victoria

During the lockdowns, the young people in our congregation met on zoom with Rev Claire and Lynda most weeks to catch up and keep connected.  One of the projects we worked on together was gathering lots of covid memorabilia, taking photos of what was happening locally, drawing and writing about how covid was affecting their lives and their local communities.  We encouraged them to talk to grandparents and connect with other older people in the congregation to listen to stories about other…

Study of Revelation Part Two

Rev Dr Sunny Chen led us in the first of a 3 part series looking at Revelation. He has provided the notes and a recording from the first offering. Rev Dr Sunny Chen

For the Weary

daily email devotionals for Advent 2020 Get 25 daily devotionals in your inbox from 1 December 2020. This series has been crafted by a diverse group of contributors including Dr Di Rayson, Janet McKinney, Rev Dr Kirk Patston, Darlene Zschech, Phil Walker-Harding, Peter Richardson, Aunty Ida Granites with Dr Steve Bevis, Miranda Bennett, Oscar Delaney, Gemma Bell, Rachel Turner, Qwayne Guevara, Peter Richardson, Sally-Ann Williams, Will Small, Rev Thresi Mauboy, Brooke Prentis and more. About this Advent series As the end…

Study of Revelation Part One

Rev Dr Sunny Chen led us in the first of a 3 part series looking at Revelation. He has provided the notes and a recording from the first offering. Rev Dr Sunny Chen