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Sankofa (Page 2)

Sankofa #3

Glad that the Synod 2022 is over. This will be my last Synod. I won’t be going to the next one in 18-months’ time. I wonder how many of you can tell me our vision. As you know the Church Councilhas been reviewing our governance, polity, and structure. Recently I decided to takea closer look at our vision: “Inspired by God and seeking to emulate the life ofJesus we will identify and reflect God’s love by creating, participating in and…

Sankofa #2

Thank you for the positive feedback for my first Wednesday musing. Some of you like the word, Sankofa. Last Saturday and Sunday there were two significant events in the life of MUC: Community Mural Opening (26 June) and the Final Service in the Woodhouse Grove building (27 June). I know that Emma, my colleague provided inspirational leadership (with contributions from her team) for the Mural Opening event. By the time you read this second musing, some of you might have…

Sankofa #1

What isSankofa: Wednesday Musings with Swee Ann?In my previous three congregations we had a weekly pew-sheet where I had the opportunity to write something weekly. It was a good way to share stories, concerns, observations, and news. It was a good way also for me to keep in touch with the members and friends. After speaking with a few members who affirmed it’s a good idea, I have decided to write a weekly musing. You will receive this through your…
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