Thursday 22 December

Thursday 22 December

At Christmas, one of the things that should distinguish a follower of the teachings of Jesus is a love that reaches out to the marginalized and the forgotten – these are the people of our neighbourhoods, our schools, our cities, and around the world, and sometimes it’s us. Jesus was born into a poor but loving family, and we see him lavishly loving the poor, the hurting, the lonely. We are called to serve in humble, generous ways and we can spread God’s love through the way we choose to celebrate Christmas. When we show up and love in Jesus’s name, God shows up.

We love because He first loved us – 1 John 4:19 

From our Ministry Team

  • We are part of a conspiracy to do Christmas differently. We want to worship fully Jesus, spend less on us, and give more to our loved ones
  • This week’s aim is to love all
  • Jesus came for all people. If we are to faithfully follow Jesus we will love and serve all people, as a reminder of how much God loves us

Activity: Create some special Christmas cards for people like teachers, shopkeepers, or neighbours you don’t yet know well. Write them an encouraging note and draw a picture. Thank them for how they help your community and wish them a Merry Christmas

Bible Readings

May we be led to put ourselves to one side, to embrace and welcome the diversity with which we are surrounded, and to generously and equally listen and share Jesus’ teachings and God’s love on a daily basis, whether by our actions, our care, or our words


Our reading is taken from the last chapter of the Book of Revelations, the last Book of the New Testament. It was written around 96CE on the island of Patmos, probably by a Christian from Ephesus known as John the Elder. The reading/s very clearly proclaim that ‘Jesus is coming’, that ‘we must accept the prophecy of Revelations’ and that we must ‘be ready’. We pray that we may live our lives conscious of the presence of Jesus and his teachings at every turn, that we may embrace the diversity of this world, and that we may share God’s love simply, personally and without reservation

Some ideas to help us Love all (from the website)
  • Donate the money you saved from spending less
  • Invite someone to church with you this week. Share a meal together after
  • Be the person with an extra dose of patience this week. Listen well to others, offer grace
  • Read Matthew 25. Notice how much Jesus cares about the way we love and serve others
  • Ask your local church what serving opportunities there are and how you can get involved
  • Pray for families around the world that are in need: single mums, refugees, villages without clean water, the homeless in your city
  • Find a local organization to volunteer at. Go with your family, friends, or small group. Then talk about the experience and see what you learned