Wednesday 14 December

Wednesday 14 December

Give More

We’ve talked about rebelling against consumerism by spending less but now we’re encouraging that we give more… Is that a contradiction? No – giving more isn’t about giving more stuff but about being intentional and relational by giving more of our time, our energy, our memories, our talents, our presence. God gave us the life and example of Jesus as a gift. Let’s spend less, celebrate Christmas differently and demonstrate the gift of loving and giving through our actions

From our Ministry Team

  • We have already conspired to worship fully our Lord Jesus and spend less on ourselves
  • This week we are thinking about how to give more to those we love
  • Some of the most important things don’t cost money but can cost us personally. We can give more of ourselves and spend time with our friends and family
  • John the Baptiser spent his time telling people to turn to God and expect Jesus to come. In today’s Bible reading John had even been put in prison for it. He gave a lot!

Activity: Read Matthew 11:2-5 and identify other good things that Jesus describes people being given

Bible Readings

Lord, help us to dig deep
May we be grateful our many blessings this Christmas and beyond
May we seek many new ‘giving’ opportunities to share personally with others


Matthew describes a Jesus who accepts Peter’s deep care for his family and offers compassion and healing to Peter’s mother-in-law. Jesus performs many healing miracles in Matthew 8, some for the purposes of compassion for the people, others said to be fulfilling Old Testament prophecy. Later Matthew also reports Jesus’s warning of the cost of being his follower, that we are required to give of ourselves, put others, known or unknown, first and to be kind and compassionate to all. We can be very selfish, and this is a tough ask sometimes – we pray that focussing on ‘give more’ this Advent will reveal and encourage more opportunities to give time and care to others

Some ideas to help us Give More (from the website)
  • Check out our list from the Advent Conspiracy website(
  • Start small. Choose one person on your list to give a relational gift to
  • On Christmas morning, turn off your phone. Take a couple hours to be present with your family and focus on the people God has put in your life
  • Invest in experiences you can share. Sign up for dance lessons, go camping, plan a vacation, take cooking classes
  • Pass down memories. Make a recipe book or photo album to give to your family
  • Get a blank journal and write notes and prayers to your kids
  • Give a copy of your favourite book to a friend and then meet up for coffee and discuss it. Then switch and read their favourite book
  • Buy someone a gift that relieves a burden: babysitting money, help out with yard work, make a meal
  • Give the gift of hospitality. Invite a new family over for dinner and games
  • Do an activity with your kids – puzzles, jewellery making, baking, hiking, fishing, sports. Be present