Tuesday 29 November

Tuesday 29 November

Worship Fully

There’s a reason that Worship Fully is the first tenet of Advent Conspiracy. We believe that when our hearts are orientated toward Christ, the rest of the tenets will fall into place. The way we spend, give and love will radically change when it come from a place of true worship

Bible Readings

Ps. 124
Gen. 9:1–17
Heb. 11:32–40


Lord we are blessed by your mercy
Help us to remember your promise and your covenant
May we offer rainbow connections and caring to others


In Genesis, Noah, his family and all the animals are sent into the remade world to flourish together. God gives blessings and instructions and his/her promise to not destroy the Earth again. God is merciful and the rainbow in the story represents lasting peace. At this time in the life of the world may we stand up strongly for our Earth, all Earth’s creatures and all its people. Help us to purposefully show determination, respect and caring in our own lives and to ceaselessly advocate to our leaders for positive change on behalf of God’s creation

Some activities to help us Worship Fully (from the website)
  • Participate in the Advent Devotionals or Advent Liturgies
  • (sign up at https://adventconspiracy.org/resources/)
  • Invite a friend over and see how they’re doing. Listen well
  • Have your kids read the Christmas story while setting up the nativity
  • For one night, unplug from all technology and social media. In a world full of noise, be intentional about quiet time
  • Turn the radio off in the car and spend 10 minutes thanking God for the ways He has blessed you
  • Listen to the Advent Conspiracy playlist (https://spoti.fi/3i0B2Cn) on Spotify. Let the lyrics settle into your heart