MUC Vision & Mission

MUC Vision & Mission

A perspective on Manningham Uniting Churches Vision and Values:

The Vision of Manningham UC is:

Inspired by God
and seeking to emulate the life of Jesus
we will identify and reflect God’s love
by creating, participating in and walking with communities locally, nationally and globally.

And the core values are:

Christ-centred, Relational, Risk Taking and Hospitable

These are new to me, as they will be to others new to the life of our church.

One of the ways I learn new things is by questioning and testing the limits of them. As I experiment and play with the ideas I integrate parts of them into my own vision, values and practice.

I was asked to share this month what questions the vision had raised for me. So here I have framed them as ways we might extend our vision. You could reflect on my prompts, or consider what questions you have about the distinctive way God is calling us to do his work locally, nationally and globally.

The vision focuses on God as a source (of inspiration, and an example for emulation). How might we also envision God as our future and destination?

When we seek to ‘emulate the life of Jesus’ in what ways are we including and in what ways might we be downplaying our need to be transformed by God, or take up our cross to follow Jesus as disciples?

The vision includes identifying God’s love by our engagement in community. How does engaging in community help us identify God’s love? To what other sources can we look to know God’s love?

The vision is about what will inspire us, what we will seek, what we will create, who we will walk with. If our vision extended beyond ourselves, what would we hope to see for those with whom we are walking?

When we create a community or walk with an existing community, what are the qualities and characteristics of that community or our walk that would allow it to reflect God’s love?

What would we need to focus on to create a community in which other people can be inspired by God, emulate Jesus, identify God’s love and reflect that in their lives too?

Nigel Mann
Seniors Ministry Coordinator