Sankofa #1

Sankofa #1

What is
Sankofa: Wednesday Musings with Swee Ann?
In my previous three congregations we had a weekly pew-sheet where I had the opportunity to write something weekly. It was a good way to share stories, concerns, observations, and news. It was a good way also for me to keep in touch with the members and friends. After speaking with a few members who affirmed it’s a good idea, I have decided to write a weekly musing. You will receive this through your email, and it will be posted on the MUC website every Wednesday!


I was trying to find a word for the masthead and came across this word – Sankofa! What is Sankofa? It’s a word from the Akan tribe in Ghana. It means San (to return), ko (to go) fa (to fetch, seek, and take). Sankofa attests that we must look backward (into our history), before we can faithfully move forward together, in the present and future.
The symbol, shown above, is based on a mythical bird with its feet firmly planted forward, with its head turned backwards and an egg in the mouth. Thus, the Akan people believe the past serves as a guide for planning the future. To the Akan, it is this wisdom in learning from the past which ensures a strong future. I think it’s a beautiful word with such rich meaning. May we all learn the wisdom of Sankofa – look back (not stay there), learn from the past (good and bad) and move forward.

A Meal with Jesus
We had over 20 people stay last Sunday after the morning services to reflect together on the book, ‘A Meal with Jesus: Discovering Grace, Community and Mission’. I am told that there will be 10 people coming tomorrow (Thursday at 12.30pm). 

July MUC Magazine
The theme for the next magazine is  LEADERSHIP. The Church Council has been reflecting together on the need for renewal of leadership within MUC. I believe there is a consensus that we need to do that but some of us disagree on how. Please feel free to share your experiences (good and bad), and your understanding of leadership. A few questions to help you get started:

• What values are most important to you as a leader? And how do you use them in your role as a leader?
• What are your top three strengths that you practice the most as a leader?
• Who is your favourite leader? Why?
• How do you respond to criticism as a leader?
• A good leader…

Closing of Place of Worship at Woodhouse Grove
I will be at  Woodhouse Grove this coming Sunday, curating the last worship service there with Rev Fred Webber giving the reflection. Fred has a very special relationship with many at Woodhouse Grove. There will be a lunch after the worship service. David Lord will be sharing a brief history of Woodhouse Grove during lunch. It will be a time of sharing stories, celebrating and also a time of sadness for many who have worshipped there for many, many years. Sankofa!

… in the meantime, blessed be.

Rev Swee Ann Koh
22nd June 2022