World Day of Prayer Services held 4 March 2022

World Day of Prayer Services held 4 March 2022

We would like to thank the many folk from MUC who once again attended either or both of the World Day of Prayer services this year; and also to acknowledge our Doncaster West committee which includes representatives from St Clement of Rome Catholic Church Bulleen, St Kevin’s Catholic Church Lower Templestowe, Pathway Baptist Church Bulleen, St Marks and St Timothy’s Combined Anglican Church Lower Templestowe, MUC  and our host church this year St Bishoy and St Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Church Bulleen as we once again delivered an excellent service – thank you ladies.

Special thanks must be expressed to the three committee ladies from the Coptic Church as the church members under their guidance once again swept us away by the warmth of their hospitality and their clockwork efficiency. Father Jonathan made us all so very welcome with his genuine, warm welcome to everyone who attended. The AV technician was faultless, and the screen constantly illuminated the service with its words of hymns, its photographs and illustrations – that young man never missed a beat, and he was so very willing to go the second mile. The vegan feast with which we were feted at the conclusion of the service was just amazing. Neven who led the service did a very professional job and must be congratulated.

The service this year was written by the combined committee of England, Wales and Northern Ireland and the mission this year was to provide children’s Bibles for each newborn child in Northern Ireland which is still torn by so many years of violence between the Catholics and the Protestants.

The Deacons opened the service with a song of praise. We were then swept to England with the anthem ‘Jerusalem’ on the screen. Lilian from the Coptic Church sweetly sang the song specifically written for the service – ‘For surely I know the plans’, whilst Yosef and Maria rendered the song ‘The Streets of London’ which added vivid emphasis to the social justice issues highlighted in the service.

We were grateful to Pauline and Frank who brought the WDP banners and to Dot who brought the British flag. Cr. Stephen Mayne and Cr. Geoff Gough from Manningham City Council graced us with their presence for which we were very grateful. Fr Jonathan, Fr Shenouda and Fr Isaac, all from the Coptic Church, were the clergy represented at the service.

The morning service at the Donvale Presbyterian Church, I believe from MUC members who attended, was to quote “amazing” and had great hymns. Speakers at both services were warmly given the ‘thumbs up’ from all who were privileged to hear them. At the morning service there were 92 attendees which was down on previous years but the offering at approximately $1,200.00 was excellent. In the evening we had 84 attendees and the offering was $1,127.70. Thanks to the Coptic treasurer who kindly counted the cash, tallied the card payments, and forwarded the total online to the World Day of Prayer bank account.

Interesting comment by Frank who said, “they were both very good services, but it is amazing how two different committees end up with equally good results, but two very different versions”.