New homes for Westfield drive goods

New homes for Westfield drive goods

On Saturday 26 June, Westfield Dr (WFD) was open to congregational members who came and helped themselves to kitchen or office equipment or furniture, which won’t be needed in MUC’s new building. In exchange they donated funds to MUC Connections’ fundraiser for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. There was a great response and the total is already over one thousand dollars. Thanks to everyone for their generosity!

Other items have found a variety of new homes: The Allen Organ was bought by an enthusiast who will refurbish it and give it a new lease of life; and the piano in the hall will go to Rachel, who grew up in WFD when it was ‘Pilgrim Uniting Church’. Some of the collapsible tables and other furniture have gone to Our Lady of China, Chinese Catholic Church, which has recently opened in Box Hill.  A doll’s house along with hand-made wooden doll’s furniture went to the Migrant Information Centre playgroup in Box Hill, where refugee-background children attend.

The fridge, an urn and other goods were collected by members of ‘Refugee Voices’, to distribute to needy refugees and asylum-seekers in Melbourne.  This is Refugee Voices’ message to MUC: “Thank you to all the donations made by the caring folk at Manningham (Uniting) Church. Kitchen crockery, utensils, furniture and white goods are of great help to many. Thanks so much.”

Some of the pews have gone to members of the congregation. The rest of the pews, and much of the sanctuary furniture, as well as chairs, tables, cupboards and other goods will go to the Mission Liaison Group (MLG, also know as Pacific Ministries) who will arrange a shipment to send items to churches in Tonga and other Pacific Islander countries. John, a member of the Mission Liaison Group told us: Our Pacific partners are always most grateful for what MLG sends.”

Graham has worked hard, organising the ‘left-overs’, with help from Rob, Brian, Don, Helen, Faye, Elaine, David, Tricia, Gail and others. Thanks to everyone involved. The goods from WFD will soon all be gone, but many good memories from WFD remain!