Change is a fact of life

Change is a fact of life

Change is a fact of life whether we like it or not.

We don’t realise how much change governs our life from the day we are born to the day we die. For Instance, the weather changes all the time.

Recently, I saw a young woman walking her dog. The weather forecast predicted a warm day although the morning was very chilly.

The young woman’s outfit showed she was betting that change in the weather would come. To be prepared she wore shorts, but her torso was clad in a thick jacket. As well, she wore a sun-hat.

In that chilly morning the sight of her bare legs sent a shiver up my spine. She was obviously dressing to accommodate any possible weather change.

Recently too I heard an old recording of the then Welsh boy soprano Aled Jones.

Apparently one of the men who was recording the young boy’s sublime voice had tears coursing down his face when he heard it. But as we all know the soprano voice of that young boy changed when he reached adolescence. How did he cope with the radical change in his voice?

We know from seeing our grandsons grow that change is a factor of life.

I know from firsthand experience too, how radical change can be.

It impacted me when we came to Australia to live after spending over 12 years in the remote Western Highlands of PNG.

Although supplies were adequate in the Highlands, there was little choice.

In contrast, in Australia the choices on display in the cavernous supermarkets were overwhelming. I can laugh now, but at the time, and in the supermarkets, I became incapable of making decisions about anything. Even the breakfast cereal section, not to mention the choice in the toilet roll aisle, was confronting.

And age doesn’t halt change. As a senior I can vouch that the amount of change we can experience in a year can be as radical as a baby experiences in their first year of life. We don’t expect that.

Kathleen Norris, an American poet and author who re-discovered her faith in mid-life has summed up what she discovered. In her book The Cloister Walk she wrote, ‘A secular world view, terribly sophisticated but of little use to me in the long run, had taken hold of me in my teens’. Her words remind me of the importance of holding onto the golden thread of faith in God. Of necessity this too must change and be refined as we travel through life, but change doesn’t stop there. For us all there is further change – life after death