The Community Building Team have implemented a penpal initiative with some of the members of the congregation. Here is a reflection from one partnership:

Today is a special day for us. We just found a letter in our letter box from Oliver, our MUC pen pal.

We now have three articles on the top of our lounge bookcase that have been sent to us. There is a card with elephants on it, a sand picture of a whale which Oliver has made and an origami cat, also made by Oliver.

Oliver has sent us other letters and we have 2 delightful photos of him on the top of our bedroom bookcase.

We have sent letters to Oliver with a photo of us outside our home. We also send him activities including suggestions for scavenger hunts in his family garden, some ‘Mr Squiggle’ drawings and some writing about what we like doing and seeing.

In the letter which came today Oliver said that he would like to come to our house. We would love that also, but he knows, and we know that it will be a while. We look forward to writing and talking to Oliver lots more.

Gwyn and Lindsay