Pet Blessing Service Recap

Pet Blessing Service Recap

This year our Pet Service was conducted in quite a different way to other years. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic it was conducted online. Initially I thought how can we do this? It was actually a great way to interact with our church family. It was wonderful to see people of all ages bringing their pets online for us to see. Pets included dogs, foster kittens, caterpillars, and chicken.

We brought Robbie, our 5-year-old Shetland sheepdog. It is said that we rescued him from a puppy farm. I think he has recued us with his love and devotion and gradually emerging sense of fun. It was lovely to be able to give thanks for the blessing he has become. Robbie has actually sneaked into a number of our church Zoom meetings and the Quilters know him well.

The poem I read about the Riding for the Disabled program I was a part of, brought back many memories of the devotion and love of pets that we experience.


I was keen to be part of the Blessing of the Pets with Minister Claire. I am always ready to tell anyone who will listen how important our pets are for our emotional and physical well-being. So it was good to see and hear others who are like-minded, sharing their gorgeous pets. Claire very sensitively led the service and passed on an appropriate and suitably solemn blessing from God, on each of them, by name.  Jessie Bodkin sat quietly on the couch with me and seemed to be sufficiently interested in proceedings to stay still. She is very sociable, reads me like a book, and although she can be a bit of a bossy boots, is so important for me, without John, and living solo through the pandemic.  She is the 6th beautiful Cocker Spaniel who has shared my life. I believe God placed the spirit of life into Jessie, and regards her soft brown eyes, waggly tail, patience and faithfulness, with delight. As I do. I am thankful for the opportunity to affirm the worth of all of God’s precious creatures who reside with us.