Aumann Education Grant

Aumann Education Grant

This grant was instigated as a result of a bequest given to the former Templestowe Uniting Church by the Aumann Family in memory of Dorothy Aumann, a much loved and revered member of the church who always supported young people.

As a result, MUC awards $500 each year to a person who has been nominated by a church member, then selected by the Mission Portfolio, to assist with their studies.

This year there were three worthy nominations for the grant, and it was difficult to decide who should receive it. After much deliberation it was given to a secondary college senior student who is experiencing difficulties at home, at risk of homelessness, and in need of financial support to continue his studies.

A message has since been received from Rev. Peter Aumann : “ I’m so grateful that you are doing the Grant again, and that you’ve found someone suitable. The Aumann Family send their love and good wishes to that student, and we thank the church for managing the grant. We are so pleased to be able to remember Dorothy, our mother, in this way.”

Peter has recently written a fascinating paper on his recollections of the early years of Templestowe Presbyterian Church (Templestowe Uniting/Manningham Uniting) which he has generously made available for our members to read. It is to be published by the church Historical Society but can be accessed here if you would like to read the full text.