Service of Remembrance

Service of Remembrance

Recently, Rev Claire and Megan led a Remembrance Service on Zoom for those who had lost loved ones during the time of COVID-19, those who were revisiting past grief and bereavements, and those who were present to support and care for others. Rev Claire described it as a sacred time, a time that would not replace a funeral service, but a time of prayer which might bring comfort at this difficult time.

To help those who do not have internet connection, the service was posted in a special mailout so that they could join us at home. One member of the church wanted to attend in person and so a neighbour set her up with her device so she could join in. That was a particularly special moment as we obviously haven’t been able to see each other recently.

We shared readings from the Psalms, Gospels and Ecclesiastes and Megan read the following prayer:

To love someone is to risk the pain of parting.
But not to love is never to have lived.
The grief we now experience is the honouring of our love.
So let us go into the world glad that we have loved,
free to weep for those we have lost,
free to hold each other in our human frailty.
Let us go in peace.

Rev Claire finished with a poem by Ruth Burgess called ‘It’s time to go’.

It’s time to go.
It’s ok to go.
We’re here.
We love you.
It’s been a fight for you.
We’ve watched you struggle,
watched your body dying,
seen you in sadness and pain.
It’s hard.
This saying goodbye.
You love us.
We love you.
You don’t want to go.
And we don’t want you to go
but we know that you need to.
Your time here is over,
your job is done.
There’s a time for fighting.
You’ve always been a fighter.
You’re not going to change now.
We know that.
We know you.
But we need to tell you
that we’re here
beside you,
and we’re ok,
we’ll miss you but we’ll manage,
and we’ll be here,
loving you
when you let go.