Prayer Vigil – Recap

Prayer Vigil – Recap

On Thursday 30 July at 10.30am – 11.00am, MUC was one of four churches in the area to hold a combined prayer vigil because of the current crisis with COVID-19. Invitations were issued to members of the four parishes to join in this time of prayer. The other churches represented were Koonung Heights, Eltham and Warrandyte.

For me personally it was very special to pray and meditate with like-minded Christians many of whom were unknown to me, but like myself were anxious about our current plight.

Each minister contributed in the way they felt inspired and led by the spirit to do so, and I am sure we all gleaned comfort and inspiration from each section of the prayer time. There was opportunity for us to contribute and share the way in which we were moved and comforted by using the chat facility on Zoom.

There were varied personal prayers, appropriate well-known psalms with messages of comfort and reassurance plus inspirational photographs depicting nature in all its peace, lush greenness and fragile beauty. I found it all reassuring, peaceful and spiritually appropriate, but the thing I took away with me because it enriched my day and uplifted my spirits, was an enchanting photograph of beautiful, pink gum blossom. One felt that whilst we still had such flawless, fragile beauty upon which to feast our eyes, the world could not possibly be quite so frightening and daunting. One felt that God was definitely still with us all, as we are told in Isaiah we are being ‘held in the palm of his hand’.

Thank you to the Rev Claire Dawe and the other ministers who gave up their time to minister to their various flocks.