Worship – 9 Aug 2020

Worship – 9 Aug 2020


Call to worship & Prayer

There is a link below this prayer to activities for mainly children but it would be interesting for anyone to take a look and learn a bit more.  https://aboriginalchildrensday.com.au/activities/

Song – TIS 409 Breath of Life

Intro to the theme

Song – I’m building your house

Intergen Activity

To find out more about Children’s Day, check out the videos here from the official website.  You will meet some of the young people and hear from the Elders. https://aboriginalchildrensday.com.au/images-and-videos/

Reading – Nehemiah 3:1-12


Song – All things are possible


For more information about the opportunity for offering see here
See more information about the Piggy Banks and our Compassion Children

Song – Here I am Lord

Prayers for others and Lord’s prayer

Song – TiS 687 God gives us a future


What’s on

Annual General Meeting
(no Cuppa Call today)

The Manningham Uniting Church 2019 Annual Report will be presented at MUC Zoom Annual General Congregational Meeting, this Sunday 9 August at 11:15 am.