Young People and Climate Change

Young People and Climate Change

At Manningham Uniting, we are encouraging our young people in a passion they have already shared with us – doing something about climate change. 

Rev Claire has begun working with our young people to work out a project they want to pursue so they can share how they feel and what action they want to take and see other takes with them. 

At the end of July, Rev Claire will be attending the UCA climate change conference which will include looking at how to pastorally care for these young people as they face the realities of what is happening to creation in their lifetime.  They don’t want to save bees in order to save humans, they want to save the bees because they are bees. 

Our Social Justice Action Group is working hard on climate change too – if you want more details, no matter how old you are, email

Read an article from the NSW Synod magazine on how we can address children’s concern over climate change – read here