What I Can See from My Window – Sharon

What I Can See from My Window – Sharon

This was an extremely interesting topic, one I thought I could not achieve, so here goes my view from my window.

Due to the current Covid time wherein we were asked to stay at home, to get our children or a friend to buy our groceries, to stay safe and stay well, looking out my window was done with more concentration than before.

This especially applied to my age group and especially to me as I also have an autoimmune disease, so very susceptible to this new virus.

And I must say from all the information we were getting about this virus it was one I did not want to get! So inside I stayed for these last few months.

Looking out my front windows has been very enlightening and terribly busy.

Firstly, I have looked into my garden and seen all the things I wanted to do and in fact went outside and did a lot of pruning back, shaping, weeding and pulling out some plants that did not survive the summer months.

This of course made me want to race out to the nurseries to refill my garden with plants before the winter months took hold. Alas no going to nurseries!

Secondly, we had some incredibly sad times, our neighbour Marj who turned 95 just prior to Christmas and we had had a lovely party for her, died.

She had been our neighbour two down for twelve years and had been still in her home, looking after herself and her little courtyard garden and knitting and crocheting away like a little beaver.

Certainly, nothing wrong with her brain!

However, her heart must have said it is time to go and we will certainly miss her!

Of course, no funeral for friends, only ten immediate family and she had a huge family at least 22 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

She was my biggest buyer of Christmas Puddings, she bought 20 each year for her grandchildren who loved them.

Then about a week after we lost Marj, our very next-door neighbours of 12 years had to leave for a nursing home.

Their children had organised for them to go to a nursing home near them and were able to get them a double room (gosh I thought they were almost impossible to get) perhaps having a son who was a Dr may have helped.

So, there we were suddenly without 3 of our neighbours and as there are only 6 units in our Court, we felt bereft!

Then of course there were the comings and goings of family packing up etc. and various trucks coming back and forward picking up furniture, white goods, and cleaning etc.

An incredibly busy time when normally there would not have been much traffic.

However these windows I see through watching all of this commotion also look west and so every evening we have a beautiful sunset, which never ceases to amaze me how many different ways the sun can set and the moon can rise, all fascinating and always reminding one of God’s creation and how grateful I am to be able to see that every day.
I now sit looking out of my window and I feel very empty, just like the two units next to me are.

And then I am reminded of God’s love and grace, how lucky we were to have known those lovely neighbours for 12 years. How precious they were, how caring, how important, and giving of their time and love and sometimes biscuits. How precious!

This morning through my window I spy some people being shown these units and although a bit sad, it is now time, I guess, to move on and welcome new neighbours.

Sitting thinking about our neighbours and what a pleasure it was to know them, I am very thankful to God for that incredibly special friendship over the years.

Now I guess it will be time to look forward to new neighbours and new times with them.

My garden looks much the same still waiting for plants, knowing things will not be the same in our Court and neither will the setting of the sun tonight.

I am so thankful for God’s love and grace especially over these last few months which has reminded me every day how fortunate I am to be surrounded with special people, beautiful gardens, and awe-inspiring sunsets.