Viral Worship Team

Viral Worship Team

This unedifying name has kind of stuck since the first meeting of the group back in late March when it became obvious that we were not going to be able to meet together for worship in the usual way for some indeterminate time.

Being forced to imagine other ways of doing things has forced us to re-think our priorities in all aspects of life but particularly in the way we worship. Claire has contributed an article in this month’s online Crosslight which is available by clicking on the following link.

She explains far better than I can ‘what defines authentic worship’, as her title states.

Being the person tasked with coordinating the group I hasten to add that I am the person in the group who does the least!!! It is a truly team effort!!!

The whole thing could not have been possible without our web guru Merryn combined with the ‘tech know how’ of Nathan. They are a wonderful husband and wife team and are responsible for getting the service ‘live’ each week.

Both Nathan and Ron spend countless hours putting together the choir and band contributions. This entails having each singer record their voice with the help of a backing tape – a scary prospect for all of us, no matter how good a singer we previously though we were! After  receiving all the contributions, it is a case of Ron and Nate putting it all together, a task taking them hours. We are so grateful to choir and band members for contributing in this way. Fortunately, we have a set of recorded hymns and songs to hand, so we occasionally have a break from this intensive production process!

Claire, with a great deal of help from Merryn , coordinates the intergenerational segments. We must thank Fee, Sharon and many of the families, particularly the children, for their contributions in this segment. The talented Puglia family is a wonderful asset providing bright worship songs each week. Thank you Jessica, Jacinta and Grant!

Chris is our copyright guru and she and Merryn keep us within our copyright obligations.

Tony is our note taker and also does a wonderful job of assisting people to record their contributions. This has been quite a task given the need to operate remotely during the lockdown.

We all contribute plenty of discussion as we prepare and review each week.

Of course, Rev Claire is the overall ‘in charge’ person always reminding us of our purpose of providing meaningful worship to our congregation and to people (even some from overseas) outside our congregation who are tuning in.

The feedback has communicated how much we are enjoying seeing and hearing from a wide variety of our MUC members, some of whom we had not previously known. If you would like to contribute by recording a bible reading, preparing and/or presenting a prayer or have any constructive feedback we would love to hear from you. For the next couple of weeks we have an online survey which we encourage you to fill in. It is available at

While it has been an interesting time we do look forward with great anticipation to a wonderful celebratory worship service once we can all safely meet together physically!

Ruth (on behalf of the Viral Worship team)