Worship – 7 June 2020

Worship – 7 June 2020


Call To Worship

Song – A Voice Is Heard


Song – how deep the riches of our god

Introduction to the theme

Intergen Activity

Dream Catcher Instructions

Download your dream catcher instruction sheet here:

Instructions on how to make your dream catchers

Don’t forget to email photos of your creations to communications@manninghamuc.org so we can share them with the community

Reading – Daniel 5:1-9, 17-31


Uniting Church Assembly has responded pastorally to the death of George Floyd and the racism experienced in Australia. Click to read more here

Song – Have Faith In God


For more information about the opportunity for offering see here
See more information about the Piggy Banks and our Compassion Children

Song – Bad time won’t last

Prayers for others and The Lord’s Prayer


Song – Be Thou My Vision

This Coming Week

Cuppa Call

Zoom discussion groups called cuppa calls follow these services.  Grab a cuppa and biscuit and join in to discuss the service or catch up with some friends.

11.30am on Sunday https://zoom.us/j/713147420
Led by Claire

Snap poll about online worship

If you have a brief moment help us shape what Manningham UC’s potential online worship space could look like post the lock down.

If you have already completed this you don’t need to do it again.

1. After lockdown ends, would you benefit from us continuing online services?

2. After lockdown ends, do you anticipate
continuing online worshipattending worship in personattending a combination of in person and online worship

3. After lockdown ends, how regularly do you anticipate you will engage with our online services

4. Are you a member of Manningham Uniting church?

Is there anything you would like to share about how we're currently doing online worship


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