Worship 24 May 2020

Worship 24 May 2020

Welcome and Call to Worship

Song – Immortal Invisible

Prayer seeking forgiveness

Song – Cover Me

Reading – 1 Corinthians 15:1-26, 51-57


Song – O Love That Will Not Let Me Go

Intergen Activity

Song – My Lord What a Morning


For more information about the opportunity for offering see here
See more information about the Piggy Banks and our Compassion Children

Prayers for others and The Lord’s Prayer


Song – Same Power

This Coming Week

Cuppa Call

Zoom discussion groups called cuppa calls follow these services.  Grab a cuppa and biscuit and join in to discuss the service or catch up with some friends.

11.30am on Sunday https://zoom.us/j/713147420
Led by Claire


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