Worship 17 May 2020

Worship 17 May 2020

Introduction and call

Song Crazy Praise

Prayer seeking forgiveness

Song – Love Divine All Love Excelling

Introduction to the reading

Reading Part 1

Reflection Part 1

Reading Part 2

Reflection Part 2

Reading Part 3

Reflection Part 3

Song – Step out in faith

INtergen Activity

Intro to Offering

Offering PRayer

For more information about the opportunity for offering see here
See more information about the Piggy Banks and our Compassion Children

Song – God is Love

Prayer for Others and Lord’s Prayer


Song – A better way

WHat’s COming up

Cuppa Calls

Zoom discussion groups called Cuppa Calls following the services.  Grab a cuppa and biscuit and join in to discuss the service or catch up with some friends.


  1. Nate

    I found it quite amusing that the moment Claire started talking about the windy weather, the vic emergency app notification went off.

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