Reflecting about Happier Times when in Isolation

Reflecting about Happier Times when in Isolation

While in isolation I’m reading some great novels by Australian women writers like Di Morrissey, Tamara McKinley and Fleur McDonald. Which books are you reading and enjoying?

In the quiet moments I’m also thinking more often of happy memories of past times with family and friends. In the past we spent some lovely holidays on the surf coast. Now I’m enjoying re-reading some poems that I wrote in happier times – two years ago – about happier times with our family and friends. I hope you enjoy the happiness in my poem ‘Golfing Kangaroos’ – poetically based upon William Wordsworth’s poem ‘I wandered lonely as a Cloud’.

Golfing Kangaroos

I walked down valleys and up the hill,
so many friends like us in twos,
trying hard not to be a golfing dill,
when all at once I saw a mob of kangaroos,
beside the road and beneath the trees,
happily munching in the breeze.

Anglesea – on the surf coast,
happy people, golf to play,
a beachy town with the most
active people in their own way,
so many kangaroos on the ground,
who do not mind people on their round.

People are happy just to meet
their friends and play around,
while the kangaroos seem happy just to eat,
to be with the mob, wander around,
big ones, small ones and joeys too,
come out from the bush to see the view.

When the kangaroos go on the green
they drop many messages behind,
when the golfers come upon the scene
their way to the flag is lined,
the droppings stop the ball before the flag,

It makes the golfers ever so mad.
For oft when sitting in quiet mood in my town,
thinking of my holidays by the sea,
I remember the roos on their round,
It gives much happiness to me,
and my heart lifts with the sun,
as I see them munching one by one.

With thanks to William Wordsworth
‘I wandered lonely as a Cloud’ – sometimes remembered as ‘Golden Daffodils’