Piggy Banks – Compassion Children

Piggy Banks – Compassion Children

In 2003 Deep Creek Uniting, as we were then called, in Andersons Creek Rd decided to sponsor a child. We looked into the various sponsorship programs and felt most comfortable with Compassion so we sponsored Rani who was then 4 years old and lived in India. Our sponsorship of her continued through until 2017 when the Indian government ceased all child sponsorships.

By 2016 we had enough donations to sponsor two children so we decided to sponsor Jordan in the Philippines. Jordan will be 11 in June. We chose a child in the Philippines after some of us from MUC went there on a Discovery Trip organised by the Uniting Church in Australia and our partner church, the United Churches of Christ in the Philippines.

Then in 2017 after the ceasing of the sponsorship of Rani we took up the sponsorship of Bert who also lives in the Philippines. He will be 14 years old this month. Compassion then asked us to sponsor Dickson who lives in Uganda, as a replacement for Rani’s sponsorship. Dickson is 14 years old.

We have regular correspondence with each of these boys. Writing of letters is now done online by us, and the boys’ letters and pictures are emailed to us followed by their hard copy. Both Jordan and Bert write to us in Tagalog, which is then translated, and Dickson corresponds in English. They always write of interesting things that are happening at their projects, their schooling and especially about playing basketball! We write about things our church kids are doing and tell them about such things as our new building works.

We feel confident that our sponsorship and letter writing is worthwhile and that it is making a difference. Robert’s and my personal experience of twice visiting our own Compassion sponsored child in the Philippines, gives me hope that it is making a difference and the projects run by the churches are helping each child to have a better education as well as a good care network for their whole family.

The sponsorship money has always been raised through donations in the piggy banks which are passed around by the children during our offering time at Family@10. However at this time, when we are not meeting each week, this has not been possible. So we are asking that if you would like to continue or start supporting Jordan, Bert and Dickson you find your own piggy bank or container and put in the change that you would normally put in the piggy bank at church each Sunday. When our isolation is over, and we all meet back again we can then all bring our containers to church and combine what we have collected.

More information about Compassion can be found on its website www.compassion.com.au