Playgroup on Zoom

Playgroup on Zoom

Playgroup on Zoom has been operating very successfully for four weeks. When we moved Playgroup into the church building at Atkinson Street early in October last year, we wondered how it would go and whether we would continue to attract the same number of families. Some pews were removed, and we settled into the new space and made it a place for all the families to feel comfortable and a place where we could continue operating this amazing ministry.

So when early into this year we had to re-think how we would operate Playgroup in light of Covid-19 and social distancing we quickly took up the challenge of how to keep in touch with the 17 families with 25 children.

Playgroup on Zoom started on 24 March and so far, we have Zoomed or had email contact with all the families. We have 3 grandparents who bring their children, so we now have the grandparents as well as the children’s parents on our Zoom time! A few of the families have kinder and school children, who have previously come to Playgroup, so it has been fun to include them in this time too. We’ve even had some dads join us!

Between 8 and 14 families have joined us on any one week with some offering their apologies when they can’t Zoom for one reason or another! One week we had 17 parents or grandparents, 22 children and 4 leaders.

Each week we have had a story and a craft, singing time with Grant and Jess and an opportunity to chat and share ‘show and tell’. Sessions have lasted about an hour about which we are very pleased.

It’s not the same as sitting and chatting with them but knowing that there are others who care is very important. The couple of mums with limited English are finding this form of communication a little more challenging than meeting face to face but I am keeping in touch with everyone via email and letting them know that we are there for them at this challenging time.

Chris, Claire, Marion, Libby and Yvonne