Family Easter Charades by Zoom

Family Easter Charades by Zoom

Charades is a family tradition in our family over at least 3 generations. It is based on the charades from the ABC Argonauts radio program in the 50’s. I’m sure some of you will remember it. We have to guess a 3-syllable word from 3 short scenes where each syllable is used as a word. Our family has made it visual of course, with the sketches being acted out, and involves much dressing up and hilarity. The whole family is involved from the youngest to oldest, and even the animals are often given a guernsey!

Easter Sunday is a time when our family has traditionally got together for a lovely shared lunch and celebration. This Easter our whole family was to be at Phillip Island sharing a large house together. That plan went the way of everyone else’s plans this year.

We therefore decided on a Zoom session in the afternoon for our family togetherness. So, after tuning in to our various on-line worship services, lunching separately, we got together via Zoom. It was suggested that we could even have Charades!

Each family took turns in acting out their 3 scenes. Scenes varied from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (wearing appropriately positioned palm leaves) naming various animals; fights over toilet paper in the supermarket; tourists in Mexico, France, and Japan, ( easy to put in many small syllables); House auction where the winning bid was 2 rolls of toilet paper(!); kids on a school bus going on an outing to the Zoo. The various 3-syllable words were – catalyst, demonstrate, forbidden and zucchini. Even though the visuals and audio were limited by Zoom’s capability, it was great fun and gave us a taste of family time and togetherness and helped reduce slightly that feeling of physical isolation.

Zoe and Tony