A Gift for the Least …

A Gift for the Least …

Instead of buying gifts for each other this last Christmas my husband and I decided to buy a gift for the birds who frequent our garden.

We sourced and bought a birdbath which was made of terracotta. We soon realised the dish and stand could be separated.

I had visualised we would put the whole unit in a garden bed, but when the birds seemed reluctant to go there, my husband placed the dish filled with water on the pavers in our secluded courtyard.

This was just what the birds wanted. We even saw a young dove get right into the water much to the consternation of an older dove watching on. The young bird was relishing a bath. After all, wasn’t it called a birdbath?

As time passed it wasn’t only the birds that enjoyed the water. We saw ants and bees taking a drink.

When I considered this scenario, something I had read in Matthew 25: 41 came to my mind.

If you did it to the least of these you did it to me.

Could the birds, bees and ants be thought of as ‘the least’?

At this time when a virus has curtailed our movements, I’ve noticed even the ants can go where they want to as well as the birds, butterflies and bees. 

Maybe the virus is doing what we humans couldn’t. Restoring our respect and care for all things great and small. At this uncertain time this includes, giving us a renewed dependence on God, as well as giving our beleaguered planet a needed breathing space.

Little did we realise when we bought the birdbath that a virus would ground us, or that the birds and bees who visit us daily would give us so much pleasure. 

The least we can do is to care for the ‘least’ amongst us at this time whether birds, bees or humans.