Panic or Opportunity?

Panic or Opportunity?

Pandemic, panic-buying, 
social distancing, self-isolation,
new normal.
Words, which a few weeks ago we didn’t use. 

The virus has not only given us new words
but a respite for our beleaguered planet.

The virus has done what we humans couldn’t.
Curtailed our movements and closed industries 
that were polluting our world
to a dangerous tipping-point. 

While we take drastic action to ‘flatten the curve’,
and our beleaguered planet takes a breather,
this is our opportunity  
to do some soul-searching. 

As we self-isolate, we can seek a higher wisdom to ask, 
‘what is our purpose on this earth?’ 

As we consider this, 
Is this our collective opportunity 
to bring good out of this crisis?

March 2020.