MUC Prayer offering #1

MUC Prayer offering #1

God of Creation 

We are so troubled by what has befallen our World.  We have emerged from those terrible fires to find a world petrified by a virus we neither understand nor see a way past.

Yet God of love, we know deep down that you understand our turmoil and feel our pain.  So in our anxiety we turn to you, for we know that you will see us through these troubled times.  It may not be easy, it might not be the way we hope or expect, but we know that you will bring us through.

We pray for this fragile World, for our world’s politicians that they will show the insight and leadership we need at this time of crisis.  We pray for the doctors, nurses and pathologists who lead the fight and for their persistence, expertise and fearlessness and for those scientists searching for a vaccine.  . 

Mostly Lord God we pray for those afflicted and those yet to be infected by this terrible virus, particularly those near and dear to us.  We pray also for those impacted most by the economic impact, the unemployed, the homeless, the hungry. 

Lord God, be with us all in these troubled times that we fairly share the pain and anxiety of all who suffer..


– Don